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RE: Benefits of Using Low Interest Credit Cards

Postby AlysaLee » Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:49:31 AM

* A Low Interest Credit Card is more affordable when making purchases.
* It can be used in several different ways for the user to benefit.

If you are not a frequent user of a credit card but want a credit card for those rare times when you are caught short then a low interest credit card is a good credit card for you.
Alysa Lee
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RE: Benefits of Using Low Interest Credit Cards

Postby CCQuestions » Tue May 31, 2011 10:25:17 AM

What is the lowest interest credit card in Canada?
What type of credit score do you need to get this credit card?

Can you get rewards cards that are low interest?

Is a low interest credit card something somebody should use if they're a convenience user? IE.. they pay their balance off at the end of each month?

How much money can a person save if they use a low interest credit card?
I am a Canadian-Money-Advisor.ca account, which asks good questions.
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RE: Benefits of Using Low Interest Credit Cards

Postby montyloree » Tue May 31, 2011 03:16:02 AM

So... what you're saying is to use the low interest credit card to pay off a high interest credit card?

This only works if you don't keep using the high interest credit card again.

you're right though... a person should use the low interest credit card to pay of the high interest one...

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RE: Benefits of Using Low Interest Credit Cards

Postby JeanKarla » Sun May 29, 2011 06:24:12 AM

The best low interest credit cards we have today actually underwent some changes for them to be what they are now. During the year 2008, the Credit Card Act became effective, many issuers struggled to maintain their profits and one of the actions they took is by increasing the credit cards’ interest rates. Then again, if you look into it closely, you will still discover a decent number of credit cards providing lower interest rates compared to others.

Knowing the Best Low Interest Credit Cards: http://www.cma1.ca/615
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Benefits of Using Low Interest Credit Cards

Postby Shanna19 » Sun Nov 07, 2010 05:57:51 AM

People nowadays encounter credit cards that say they carry low interest but do these cards really deliver what it says? One has to be sure so as not get duped by advertisements alone. Advertisements can always say anything just to sell. Credit cards are a little tricky sometimes so it has to be really thought of and the card holder has to be sure that it carries low finance charges.
Lower Interest Cost: Credit card users pay more finance charges when there is increase in interest rates. Bear in mind that paying for finance charges makes it convenient for you to pay your incurred credit balance at a different time. It enables you to have a lower balance when payment comes.

Less Time for Balance Payments: If there’s a chance for you to pay more it can give you less time to pay your balance. Regardless of the existing interest rates, if you can afford to pay a certain amount more on the period of payment, it would allow you to pay your balances in lesser number of months than the usual length of time that you have preferred.
Lower Minimum Payments: Low interest credit cards also give you the chance of calculating minimum payment. Lower interest rate could mean that you’d only have to pay the minimum payment. It is best that a credit card user knows the existing interest rates before purchasing and his payment period. These things are important to know so as to have control on personal finances and controlling a person’s savings deposit. Minimum payments sometimes can cause people not to afford it if interest rates increase.

Learning to use the credit card calculator for your payments could be a plus. This will enable you to calculate from the payments that you will make and for you to see how interests, high or low, can affect your credit standing with regards to the length of payment for you to pay the balance and the total interest that you have paid.

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