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    Sherri Talks about Almost Getting Scammed by Advance Fee Loan Scam!

    This is a great podcast interview with Sherri who is one of our Canadian-Money-Advisor.ca members:

    Sherri applied for a loan with canwestcredit.com and actually sent them $500 via western union. After doing some quick research on this site about canwestcredit.com and realizing that canwestcredit was a scam site, they immediately called Western Union on the phone and cancelled the transfer!! What a stroke of luck!!

    This is a good interview about what the scam artists are doing!

    Listen Now! Part 1: 6 Minutes
    Listen Now! Part 2: 17 Minutes

    This is a good story for so many reasons. The best reason is that Sherri and her family kept their hard earned money and was not duped by the thieving scam artists.
    Hi-Lites of the phone call with Sherri:
    • Sherri and husband have bad credit and have trouble getting credit
    • Sherri's husband will be laid off soon from his job
    • Sherri scrapes together the $500 to send to canwestcredit.com
    • Sherri was careful making sure to ask alot of questions and check out the agreement paper work she received.
    • The paper work looked legitimate and legal.
    • Relieved with the approval, Sherri felt that this would be the loan that would help through the rough period.
    • Sherri wire's the money via Western Union to canwestcredit.com
    • After having second thoughts, Sherri and husband spend more time reading Canadian-Money-Advisor.ca forums and decide that they better back out quickly
    • Sherri calls up Western Union and immediately cancels the money transfer

    This is the best result possible and I'm glad that our website was able to be a good source of information in this case!

    If you have any questions at all about dealing with a bad credit loan website, make sure you listen to this interview first. Sherri gives us a ton of information about the circumstances that lead to her almost being taken for their family's nest egg of money.

    The scam website in this case was canwestcredit.com, but our visitors have also been scammed by firstcanadianfinance.com (now offline) and transcanadaloans.com. It appears that canadianloancentre.com is a scam site, even though nobody has complained on this site yet. They have the same operation going though.

    To the average person, these sites look legit and give the sense that everything with them is on the up and up.

    I can't stress enough that these advance fee loan scammers are trained individuals in the art of scamming people online. They're trained to make everything look alright, from the website, to the paperwork, to the phone lines that they've set up.

    I strongly suggest that even if you're desparate for a loan and have bad credit, these types of websites are not who you want to deal with. I recommend that if you're desperate to get a loan that you call the regulatory bodies first, such as Consumer Protection and even Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


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    Article Created: 2007-10-14
    Article Updated: Not yet updated.

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On Mar 19, 2009, Monty Loree Said:
you were scammed by can west credit?
please... do tell us about it?!!
On Mar 18, 2009, contemporary furniture Said:
Can west credit certainly got me I hope everyone listens to this podcast
On Jun 29, 2008, Ottawa_Chap Said:

The fact that this site is not using SSL encryption should serve as a warning sign. There are compliance requirements in Canada and this organization certainly isn't meeting them!
On May 10, 2008, Monty Loree Said:
No problem,
We're still getting people scammed and I wish they would like to this interview about how Sherri was able to get her money back from these horrible loan scammers.

get my money back from loan scammer
get all my money back from loan scam website
On Oct 16, 2007, Ontario Mortgage Said:
Thanks for informing us. Now we can avoid dealing with that canwestcredit.