Collection Agencies – Kung Fu System

Dealing with Collection Agencies is Painful

Monty Loree - Canadian Money

Hello,  my name is Monty Loree, and I am here to tell you that I can help you get in control and stay in control when you get calls from those nasty and unwanted collection agencies..



  • We asked our visitors what they want to learn from this course. Your questions are as follows:
  • Am I obligated to talk to an agency – or can I deal with the original creditor directly?
  • Where can I get information about my rights under the law concerning debt collection?
  • How can agencies legally keep adding fees and interest to a debt?
  • What is the process collectors can legally use to get a judgment?
  • Can collectors call my job? – If so, what information is a collection agent able to collect?
  • In Ontario, they are permitted only once to contact the employer for my contact information. Which this company has already done so…so now…I have nothing in writing and only voice messages that both me…what can I do?
  • Is there an organization working to pass more debtor-friendly legislation?
  • Frequency of Calls – How often are they permitted to call?
  • I’ve received numerous phone calls with messages left referring to a letter from them I have not recieved.
  • Provide the listings for each province
  • How to get a credit report without being swindled for other services that may not be required?
  • Primary and secondary card holder responsibilities
  • How do I clean up my credit bureau report?
  • Can a collection agency report my information to a credit reporting agency

The two main goals of my system are to answer the above questions and then help you feel in control when you’re dealing with a collection agency. I can’t make your debts and agreements go away, but I can help you understand what you need to so that you’re not constantly worried or losing sleep.

Introducing the “Collection Agency Kung Fu System”
I developed the Collection Agency Kung Fu system to help many thousands of Canadians who feel out of control when a collection agency calls. If you’re having debt collector problems, please read on to see how my system can help you.

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