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What is Window Shopping?
Since the time of the beginning of the civilization, since the time when commercial trade began, since the time when men and women came into the open as equal partners in life, this has been a problem. Its mans worst enemy, its the girls favorite, its mans worst night mare, its what a girl dreams of, its the cause of half the confrontations between man and woman, its theĎsí word. Itís called as shopping. It has been the worlds favorite past time after the idiot box called as the television.

The shopping desire:
Half the number of you would have a huge shopping mall in your city. Most of them could be highly expensive to go in and shop for, that you even fear to look at your wallet. Most of you would just prefer to just stand at a distant and gaze with mouth watering eyes at the delicacies that are on display at your shopping mall. So if this is what you do most of the times, then why at all go all the way up to there to just watch and stare at things which you are definitely sure that you wouldn't dare to even think of buying. If you are one among them who just while away your time at the shopping malls people, join the league. You are not alone as many of those scores of people around you also do the same. It is called as window shopping.

Window shopping:
The concept of window shopping exists as long as the concept of commercial trade for the home users came into existence. Though, the actual word itself was derived only in recent times. The reason for the name is attributed to the large glass panes which are used in most shops in shopping malls. This is done so as to display to the user what is inside the shop just by looking at the shop from the outside. This also allows the user to quickly glance at the shop to scan if it is the shop which he wants to visit or to skip to the next shop if the shop is not what he is looking for. Hence the name window shopping.

Things to follow:
One of the first things to follow for window shopping is to choose how much time you wish to spend. Most of them would think why plan for doing some simple task like window shopping. Well, it is completely up to every person. The reason why we recommend you to decide on the time is because it will help you choose the best place to go window shopping.
For most people window shopping is not a planned event. All people want to do is just see whatís in the brand new shopping mall that's opened in your city. Most people who go for window shopping just make one common mistake. Do plan to decide at least where you would eat, if at all you are hungry and take sufficient money just in case you need to fill up your appetite.

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