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What is Problem Gambling? Problem gambling refers to a disorder, wherein a person or an individual suffers from an urge or a compulsive desire to gamble. The individual is quite well aware of the consequences and the turmoil he or she is going through if he or she indulges in gambling. In spite of that, the individual continues to gambles. Canada is one such country which is heavily affected by this epidemic of problem gambling.

This whole disorder or aberration, that is problem gambling is evaluated and detected on completely different criteria. While diagnosing a person with this disorder of problem gambling, the clinical experts discover if the negative consequences are met by the concerned individual or by others who are also his or her companions. This disorder, like others is not evaluated on the basis of the individualís behavior. Problem gambling is also known as, in clinical jargon, ludomania. This problem gambling disorder is not insulated from recovery. The American psychological association does not consider this compulsive disorder as one that is uncontrollable and hence this disorder is not regarded as an addiction. This disorder has a very predefined and a predictable origin.

People are invaded by this when they are either short of money or when they have excess of it and want more. Officially, the disorder problem gambling is defined as the difficulties faced by an individual to prevent him or her from indulging in a gamble and limiting it and hence consequently doing harm to oneself or to others involved directly or indirectly. Sometimes a very aggressive or extreme version of problem gambling may lead to mental disorders and the person may eventually become mentally unstable. One such mild versions of mental disorder caused due to problem gambling were called pathological gambling.

Canadian citizens are often unaware of the technical term for their abnormal compulsion and hence fail to find a successful cure. Pathological gambling is basically a psychiatric disorder. Pathological gambling described in the words of American psychiatric association is a mental illness that is progressive and it is an impulsive control disorder that is chronic for an individual.

Canada has been identified as one of the countries having a major chunk of its gaming citizens to possess this kind of a mental disorder or a compulsion. The symptoms for the occurrence of this disorder are numerous. All of them may not be prevalent in an individual but a minimum of 3 would imply an abnormality. The problem gamblers are always generally preoccupied. They either are in a pensive mood or always lost in thoughts. Secondly, they become introverts. They tend to withdraw themselves from any activity around them. Thirdly, the individual himself or herself feels some kind of a force driving him or her and that he or she is completely out of control. Canada is trying to overcome this problem gambling by establishing rehabilitation centers and always primarily make the Canadian citizens aware of such a sickness that can lead to extreme conditions. What is Problem Gambling?

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