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What is Laurentian Bank?

The Laurentian Bank of Canada (LBC) is a Canada-based bank operating with 160 branches located primarily in Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada.
The bank offers a selection of products and services when it comes to personal banking. If you need commercial banking, then Laurentian Bank can offer that to you as well. You can always speak to and consult professionals at the Laurentian Bank Customer Service.

This article provides information about the following:
  1. Position of Laurentian bank in the Country

  2. Products and Serviced offered by Laurentian Bank?

  3. Current Banking System in Canada.

What is the Standing of Laurentian Bank in Canada?

The Bank has more than 420 ATMs among which 81 are located in the subway network of the Société de transport de Montréal and the train stations of Agence métropolitaine de transport. The Bank has four principal business lines: Retail Financial Services, Commercial Banking Centres, B2B Trust, Laurentian Bank Securities and Capital Markets. Laurentian Bank of Canada serves individual consumers, small and medium-scale businesses. It also offers its products to a wide network of independent financial intermediaries through B2B Trust, as well as full-service brokerage solutions through Laurentian Bank Securities. The company has more than US$24.4 billion in balance sheet assets and more than $15 billion in assets under administration. It was founded in 1846 and employs almost 4,000 people.

The bank merged with Eaton Trust Company (in 1988), purchased Standard Trust assets (1991), acquired La Financière Coopérants Prêts-Épargne Inc., and Guardian Trust Company in Ontario (1992), acquired General Trust Corporation in Ontario, and purchased some Société Nationale de Fiducie assets and the brokerage firm BLC Rousseau (1993).

What are Products and Services offered by Laurentian Bank?

Laurentian Bank offers various products and services that your investment advisor can incorporate in your overall financial management strategy. Some of these are:
  • Company stocks dealt on Canadian and United-States exchanges

  • Common and Preferred shares

  • Trust Units

  • Fixed-income securities

  • Government bonds

  • Savings, Strip and Municipal Bonds

  • Guaranteed investment certificates

  • Mutual funds

  • Bond, Dividend, Equity, Balanced, Specialized and International funds

  • Tax, estate and retirement planning

  • Value Plus RRSP

  • Self-directed RRSP

What is the Current Banking System Status in Canada?

Wikipedia explained that Banking in Canada is widely considered the most efficient and safest banking system in the world, ranking as the one of the most efficient banking systems globally for the past three years according to reports by the World Economic Forum. According to the Department of Finance, Canada’s banks, also called chartered banks, have over 8,000 branches and almost 18,000 automated banking machines (ATMs) across the country. In addition, "Canada has the highest number of ABMs per capita in the world and benefits from the highest penetration levels of electronic channels such as debit cards, Internet banking and telephone banking.

Prestige and Standards of Service

Like most banks in Canada, Laurentian Bank is known for its reputation in providing excellent standards of service to customers. You can always check out the website of Laurentian Bank for any particular service or information that you need regarding this institution.


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