What is Health?

Being healthy is not just a state of being disease free. A fit person is one who is physically, socially and mentally stable. Stability of a person in these three areas can be termed as hale and fit. Thus, aspects other than physical ones need to be considered to determine whether a person is fit or not. Besides diseases, one must also be capable towards social determinants too. The triangle of health includes well being of a person physically, socially, mentally and emotionally.

it can be broadly classified in to physical and mental fitness. Physical Fitness is associated with the whole body. A person should not possess any disease causing agent, which can be contagious and harmful to the person himself. One can maintain good physical fitness by exercising regularly and through a healthy and nutritious diet. The personís standard of living and lifestyle will influence his or her physical fitness indirectly.

A mentally stable person is one who does not suffer from any mental disorders or one who is in a state of emotional well being. Such a person is capable of realizing his or her capabilities, has the ability to cope with stresses of day to day activities, can perform useful work and make his or her contribution towards the society in any way possible.

The three major aspects that can improve or deteriorate oneís fitness include the environment, Medical care services and the personís lifestyle. The lifestyle of a person is entirely dependent on the choices he or she makes in his or her life. Nobody can influence the person to lead a fit life. However, the government can, in a way, help its citizenís to gain access to state of the art technology when it comes to the medicinal field. The Canadian government pumps in billions of dollars each year into the health industry to provide the best care to its citizenís.

Health Canada is a federal department created specially to maintain and improve the fitness of an average Canadian citizen, while also paying attention to the individualís circumstances and choices. It aims at making Canada one of the fittest nations in the world. In order to make this dream come true, the department allocates a large chunk of its budget on several scientific researches, which acts as a basis for their work. They conduct several consultations with the citizens of Canada in order to find the most efficient long term health plan. The department is also responsible for spreading awareness amongst Canadians regarding any disease and its measures to prevent it and/or cure it. They encourage regular exercise and good eating habits amongst the citizens of the country to ensure fit families with hale people.

According to the beliefs of the department, prevention of diseases and promotion of health is the most economical method of keeping the cost of medical care down and improving the quality of life for its citizens simultaneously. It is constantly researching on factors that can improve the general health of the population and the life expectancy of people through some valuable research all over the country.

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