What is Debt Repayment?
Introduction: Debts are classified or defined as the money or objects that are owed to another person. The strategies of debts are widely taken as a policy by the Canadian companies and they have their own method of repayment of these corporate debts. Debts are usually obtained when an individual or an enterprise is in dire need of money and the company or enterprise is willing to mortgage property or assets and then getting the required money for that.

The issue arises when the person who has borrowed money is unable to pay off the debts due to the various financial situations and reasons. Debts are now a way of life in countries likes the United States and Canada. The debt repayment becomes a problem when these debts get accumulated and this causes the need for proper and prompt debt repayment.

Debt Repayment Strategies:
Debt repayment can have various strategies that are suitable for them. Some are as follows:
* Usually people pay the stipulated amount of money per month that had been pre determined. The main disadvantage of this method is that this only adds to the profit of the banks and the rates of interest are made so as to increase the profit of the bank. Hence it is always advisable to payoff the debts with more than the stipulated amount in the month and thus not only reducing the duration of the debt repayment but also increasing the personís profit by reducing the amount of interest he has to pay
* This can be done or accomplished with a little amount of self control so as to reduce the normal expenditure and hence debt repayment can be done at a shorter interval.
* Another method is referred to as snowballing in which the person possesses a number of low interest credit cards that can be maxed out. These cards are used up one by one and the amounts are transferred between these cards so that the debts with larger interests are paid by smaller interest cards and hence, at the end the person ends up paying lesser interest that required.
* Another option is to opt for debt consolidation. It helps in debt repayment in the way that the debt would be paid by taking another loan with a lesser interest rate. This ultimately reduces the need for paying higher interests for lesser sums. However this is an unorthodox method and requires surety or a mortgage.

On Time Debt Repayment Advantages: When debt repayment is done promptly and on time, it reflects upon the credit report and thus increases the personís credibility of repaying loans. Also, the debt repayment is to be done on time, else with a number of lapses in payment will lead to the debt collectors to collect the loan or debt back. If it goes into the hands of the debt collector, the dispute may be taken into court and cause a severe discrepancy in the credit report. Only based on this report, and what the personís situation, the loan or debt would be sanctioned. Hence it is very prudent to promptly repay the various debts. What is Debt Repayment?

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