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What is Budget Planning? When a person has to run a business or manage a family, then one of their primary concerns is the acquisition and disbursal of money. The head of any organisation or family has to keep in mind the exact situation of their finances in order to make proper decisions that would help in stabilising and continually improving their position in the market or society.

Thus a good understanding of Budget Planning is extremely essential. Budget Planning is the process by which one can create a sound financial plan that will ensure that no foreseeable problem arises. Since it is a rather tedious process, most companies tend to outsource their budget planning needs and most families just ignore it all together. Thus one must remember that a solid plan directly implies a complete knowledge of one’s financial situation and also affords complete control over the same. Living in the great country of Canada, the process of budget planning becomes a rather easy and enjoyable process.

One of the first steps to take when undertaking budget planning is to ascertain the exact sources of income and expenditure and to determine the overall cash flow, in and out of the system. This can be done only in a systematic manner and thus there is a need for organisational capability. By saving all receipts and properly documenting each activity that results in an income and also maintaining a proper record of all purchases one makes, we can ensure that every change in our account balance can be accounted for and hence we will have the comfort of knowing that our money is safe and secure. A Canadian can make use of the number of Budget Planning books or seminars or even software that are readily available at most places for guidance and guidelines.

For example, the 529 Plan helps in educating Canadians about the different ways that one can apply for a student loan and saving for educational purposes. In a similar fashion, most Canadians can avail of a number of legislative and also private sector franchises that make the lives of the average family and business much easier by making the process of preparing a budget and deciding on all the necessary purchases or cost cuts to be made a lot simpler.

There is another aspect to budget planning that is ignored by most people – analysis of one’s credit card usages. Mismanagement in this department can lead to many problems since it is rather difficult to properly document one’s credit card usages unless they retain all relevant receipts. Also if due to budget constraints, if a person is forced to take loans, then it is vital that sufficient amount of research and spadework is done in order to determine the best place to take one’s business to.

Different banks have varying schemes and one has to be able to identify the one that is most suited for the needs of the customer. Most Canadian Banks have an entire department to help people with their financing problems. What is Budget Planning?

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