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What is an Electricity Bill? Canada has several cities about which surveys of the electricity bill are taken that are worth reviewing. The bills calculated, let it be the electricity bill, the tax bills, etc., they are calculated based on the rates as of may 1 of the current year 2009. Talking about the electricity bill alone, Newfoundland power includes built-in municipal tax and rate stabilization adjustment into the rates to be paid.

The charges are to be regulated according to the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) that was proposed recently during May of 2009. According to the RRO, the rates of energy come to around 7.855 /kWh. All such bills calculated in Canada are inclusive of charges for debt retirement. There are utility owned transformation services that are importantly considered the sources of power for the cities of Canada. Some of them are Maritime Electric, ENMAX Corporation, Saint John Energy, and Hydro Quebec, etc. Manitoba Hydro is a major source that provides transformation service at less than 750 Volts. The charges come to around $1796 for 7.184 /kWh. The average electricity bill during the seasons of summer and winter have vast differences.

Ontario is a prime city of Canada and there a Conversation Bureau is set up by the act Bill 100. There is the Ontario Power Authority that is to be set up soon. A more sustainable electricity system is to be developed and there has to be more of renewable sources of energy discovered and developed in abundance to provide sound electricity source or system for the city. Ontario had the only wind turbine in Canada, but it has also been closed down recently.

May be it can be said that the demerit of the act Bill 100 is that electricity is taken up or treated to be like any other normal commodity and not as an important life line in the city. Thus it justifies why there are no properly developed systems that prove a constant stable source of power for the populous city. It is said that it is advisable for the Bill 100 to include renewable energy tariffs. The Bill 100 that was proposed as a result of the black outs in Ontario at a point of time in the year 2003 and it hence had the act proposed in the next year 2004.

There are ways and business organizations for the sole reason of reduction of electricity bill in the cities of Canada. Greater Toronto Heating and Air Conditioning is an organization that is in business over 35 years providing an aid in reducing the electricity bill by their quality service with respect to factors like quality human resources, fast response times. There is assurance on the money back scheme if the client is not satisfied with the services offered.

This professional service is for both residential and commercial clients. Electric heating equipments can be mainly used in Canadian cities that will help reduce bills for sure. Toronto Hydro is a utility company that works on grading the customers and their consumption of power and works for the decrease of consumption and hence the electricity bill. PUC or Public Utilities Commission has made it mandatory to charge 19.56% interest as fine for electricity bill that have not been paid.

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