What is Age of Majority?

Age of majority is age at which a person is considered responsible for his or her actions legally. At this age the person is considered as an adult. Reaching this age of majority does not necessarily mean that the person is allowed to drink alcohol, smoke, vote, gamble etc. it just the age at which an individual is considered as an adult by the law. It all depends upon the individual and his sense of maturity at the end of the day. It does not give them the right to do things beyond their understanding. They might not even have a right to vote. It varies from state to state. Most of the local places have declared the age of majority to be 18 or 19.

It can also be defined be defined as the threshold of adulthood, that is the edge of adulthood. This age has been declared by the law. When a child stops being considered and treated as a minor, he assumes control over other persons, takes up responsibility, makes decisions for himself, takes up responsibility for his own actions he is said to have attained the age of maturity by the law. Henceforth he terminates any kind of legal responsibilities his parents or guardian had over him. The word majority itself has a very significant meaning here. It means being of full age or it also refers to having greater years. It is the opposite of minority which refers to being a minor and their actions.

The law does not actually state the age of majority in most of the jurisdictions. It does not actually use the term "age of majority", but this term is definitely used to refer to a couple of laws which are bestowed on status of adulthood. It is a legally fixed age. It is a mere statutory principle which differs depending upon the state. It varies from one state to another as the concept also varies with respect to a place. These laws might not necessarily be related to actual mental and physical maturity of the individual. They might also be related to other problems linked with the individual. One common thing among all these laws is that they are all related to status of adulthood.

Advantages of Attaining the Age of Majority

Attaining the age of majority has its own advantages. The person who is a major is permitted to take a few specific actions which they could not do before as a minor. This might include a binding contract. That is they are allowed to enter into any form of binding contract. They are allowed to buy stocks, vote, buy and consume alcohol, to drive motor vehicles in public. The can also marry without the consent of their parents or guardian. If at all they marry the parents have no authority over them to stop them from marrying. The age at which these rights and power can be used is defined by the government which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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