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What is a Wedding Budget?

Adam and Eve, had they been in today's world, would have felt really bad that they could not do all those things which we could do. From the times of Adams and Eve, a lot has changed mainly due to the evolution of social policies and rules generally referred to as culture. One of those things which they definitely would feel bad is glitz and glamour associated with the ritual known as wedding.
For centuries men and women have developed and are still innovating on the wedding platform. Every wedding has a very common attribute all over the place. It is called as “love”. Love is in the air. Well, love is not the only thing that is in the air. A few streaks of worries also creep up with the bride and bride groom. No, it is not about each others love and affection. It is about the money that the wedding is going to cost them.

Wedding planning:
A wedding is easily the happiest moment in a love life. Most people would want to cherish it for a life time and would want to spend all they can on the wedding. But on a real wedding it is difficult to do so, because all the money you have will seem to be vanishing away all the time. Now this indeed seems to be a bit of a problem. How do we resolve it? Just like we sort all our financial difficulties we need to plan our weddings by the use of Wedding Budget.

Wedding Budget:
Just like any other country the weddings in Canada is a specialty for every one. Almost all would want to come and take part in the party. This could be the main problem in a wedding budget. So it becomes mandatory for us to set up a wedding budget. First decide on the amount of money which is possible for you to spend on the wedding. Then decide on the various factors which you wish to have in the wedding celebrations.
Try to prioritize them and rank them according to three categories namely most needed, can do without and pure luxury. Put these ratings based on the amount of your budget alone. By this time you would have already felt the wedding pinching on your teeny-weeny purse. Now it is time for the elimination round. Try marking items to remove. After marking them check and recheck the list to make sure that you have not deleted any of the vital ingredients to your wedding.

Guests and food:
The key aspect of any wedding budget would be the guests and the food. You first need to prepare a list of the near and dear ones whom you wish to be present for the wedding in the wedding budget. Give a sufficient buffer gap for extra people in the wedding budget. Now choose for the type of party you wish to have. There are a wide variety of options for you to choose from
Prepare the lists and refine then in an organized manner and you can see your burden lighten and your wedding will be much more pleasant.

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