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What is a Telephone Bill?

Telephone Bills are the receipts that a telephone owner receives at the end of every month that list out the usage and also the amount that one has to pay for all the calls that had been made and received for that month. Telephone bills are considered a very reliable proof of one’s residence address since it is not very easy to obtain a landline telephone. This is so because the user has to have a proper set of identity papers and proofs of address in order to register a landline telephone number for them and also to get it listed in the telephone directory of an area. Nowadays, almost everyone who has a permanent address of residence has a landline telephone. It has also become very easy to obtain a mobile phone with its very own number so that people can be contactable at all times. Whether a person owns a landline based number or a mobile phone connection, they will always receive monthly telephone bills that must be paid on or before a specified date. There will be some lee way as to the last date since the connection companies usually charge late fees even if the payment is made a day after the end of the due date. This is in fact a major source of income and profit for the connection companies as it is very common for people to forget that they have to pay their bills until and unless they receive a reminder that they have pending telephone bills.

Most connection providers or service providers have different schemes which they offer to their customers in order to attract people with specific needs. For example, if a person would have to make a large number of long distance calls, then they can go in for a scheme where local calls are a bit more expensive compared to other schemes, but the long distance rates are lesser, or vice versa for a person who needs to make only local calls and has no need to make long distance telephonic calls. Whatever the usage, it is always clearly given in the telephone bills that the customers receive at the end of every month. A bill usually contains the list of numbers that the user had called, along with the time and duration of the call, along with the call cost. The total is taken of all the calls made and any discounts are subtracted if applicable and the final sales tax is added. Thus the net amount is displayed on the bill along with the due date. Some service providers also provide internet connectivity along with the normal telephone service and the corresponding amount is displayed on the bill. Most Canadian connection companies have some loyalty schemes where long lasting customers are bestowed with some discounts and offers in order to make them want to retain their present connection, while at the same time they offer new and exciting packages to attract new ones.

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