What is a Mortgage Broker? A mortgage is nothing but a loan you get by using your real estate as a security in return for it. You can get a mortgage on your house to meet your financial needs and when you repay the money back, you would get back your house. Traditionally banks used to deal with their customers directly for issuing mortgages.

However due to the recent increase in the number of mortgage loans and also due to various mortgage laws that vary from state to state even within one country, banks have begun to use mortgage brokers, especially in countries like Canada. These are people who act as middlemen between lenders and borrowers and help them in coming up with a deal that is mutually beneficial.

The actual role the mortgage broker plays varies from one jurisdiction to another. While in some the mortgage broker simply acts as a sales representative and helps in securing the deal, in others the broker plays a much more important role and can be held responsible for the borrower when they defunct. From advising the borrower on how much the deal should be for to clinching the best possible deal with a bank, the broker does a wide variety of jobs and gets a commission in return for it.

The mortgage broker operates by first studying the situation that the client is involved in to asses the affordability and the sum that can be borrowed in the current financial circumstances. The next step is to search the market for a deal that works best for the client. The broker then approaches the bank or other financial institution and tries to come up with an agreement to finish the deal. Then the appropriate documents are collected and also legal advice is given to the clients before the deal is signed. The mortgage broker is required to be registered with the government in many states and can be jailed for fraud if he or she fails to comply with the laws.

Before you sign a deal with a mortgage broker, be sure to have all the details cleared up so that there are no confusions in the future. Ask them for more than one loan option so that you can compare them and make your decision. Also ask about the interest rates and check out if itís the best you can get, especially for your credit history.

Also be sure to find out all the other costs involved such as discount points, credit reports, taxes, origination fees, etc. Also since interest rates keep on changing with time make sure your broker can lock the interest rate if in case it becomes too much. Only when you are satisfied with all the details should you go ahead and choose a broker. However remember that a broker will only be able to get you a good deal if he or she has all the details of your life that is necessary. So be sure to give them what they need. What is a Mortgage Broker?

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