What is a Lawyer?

Canadian legal system
The nation of Canada was under the control of both United Kingdom and France during the 17th and 18th century. After the end of Seven Years War, Canada came completely under the control of United Kingdom. Both the countries have left their impression on Canada. Canadian legal system is based on the British legal system. Almost all provinces in Canada follow the common law system except the province of Quebec. The common law system followed in United Kingdom decides the fate of a legal case depending on the decisions taken on similar cases in the past. Quebec alone follows the civil law system whereby the decisions are taken based on laws framed by the legislature and the executive arms of the government. Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of the country and it contains all acts and laws that must be followed in the country. A lawyer plays an important role in the legal system. These people are responsible for helping people abide by the law and for dealing with the legal system. They also represent the government in its dealings with the legal system.

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Becoming a lawyer in Canada
A person aspiring to be a lawyer in Canada has to traverse many a path before achieving the dream. An undergraduate degree is essential for an aspiring practitioner at law. The degree should help the candidate inculcate essential skills like reasoning and logical skills. Writing capability and oratorical skills must be honed. The candidate should next clear the Law School Admission Test which is organized under the aegis of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). The score on the LSAT test decides which law school the candidate can get into. The law school usually lays down certain requirements to be met by the aspiring lawyer. An outgoing student from a law school in United States can also practice once he gets the "certificate of qualification". One finishing the law school course, the student must pass the exams conducted by the bar council of the respective province. The practitioner at law must next obtain the license to practice in the province. There are certain requirements laid down by each province that must be satisfied by the aspiring barrister. A fee must be remitted to the bar council. It should be done to become a member of the council.

Work involved in the profession
A lawyer would be the right person to consult in case of a serious legal issue. He gives invaluable advice and guidance to Canadian people regarding legal issues for both civil and criminal offences. He can even represent and argue for your cause in a legal proceeding in a court. The common man can save a lot of effort and time by following the lawyer’s advice rather than dealing with the legal system directly. There are people who specialize in one aspect of the law. There are law firms that have a number of lawyers working for them and are able to handle a variety of legal issues. They can also handle long and painstaking legal proceedings which cannot be done by a single lawyer.

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