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What is a GROCERY BUDGET? A store primarily established for retailing of food is called as grocery store. A list of planned revenues and expenses for the grocery to be purchased is called as grocery budget. In other words grocery budget can be defined as an organisational plan expressed in monetary terms.

Grocery stores in Canada operate in a number of different styles ranging from family owned businesses to large supermarket chains. Recently, concepts known as hypermarkets have emerged as a trend of larger stores operating on the lines of ďall in oneĒ.

Quite a lot of people face the problem of getting to the end of the month not knowing where all the money was gone. On looking at the bank statements one realises that the quick trips made to the grocery stores to buy milk and many of those hitchhikers landed in your cart added to the bucks! In here arises the need of Grocery Budget!

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Simple planning of the menu and using store coupons can save you hundreds of dollars at the end of every month. This in turn also has a huge effect on your health. These health benefits many a times outweigh the financial benefits of your grocery budget.

You can save your money on the grocery bill by cutting down the time you spend at the grocery store. Cutting down the time involves buying frequently used items in bulk at a time. Bulk buying ensures a substantially cheaper price. Planning for the week ahead also checks your grocery budget to be in modest ranges. Having a bound grocery list before hand prevents the purchase of small add-ons that add up to your grocery budget at the end of every month.

A good practise for controlling your grocery budget is to post the menu on a place that you frequently visit, say for example a refrigerator. This would make sure you remember what youíre cooking and prevent you from being tempted to improvise at the last minute. On the lighter side your kids may also love this concept of knowing what their dinner is going to be well in advance.

Apart from making a list you ought to make use of the grocery store ads in planning your meals. It is a common practise for most of the stores to rotate the prices on a regular basis. Keep track of the grocery store from where you shop quite often. Upon noticing a sale that they have on a particular item, make sure you buy enough stock of that particular item for it to last until the sale offer returns. Also compare ads on a regular basis. On finding a store that offers a better price for the same item that you intend to purchase, donít hesitate one bit to hop into that store for your purchases. You ought to discipline yourself however by spending money only the item you hopped into the shop for.

Finally avoid picky eating! Thatís by far the biggest money waster of all. Thus the overall grocery shopping time can be replaced by being together at the table which is a much better option than spending time at the grocery store. What is a GROCERY BUDGET?

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