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What is a gas bill? Canada uses natural gas as a constant resource for about 1.8 million consumers in the country. The gas bills of Canadians are on an all time increase recently and they face higher bills than the citizens of the United States. Enbridge Gas Distribution is an organization that is setting goals to increase the prices of natural gas off late. The prices are likely to be hiked to a rate of 40% above the normal previous prices of gas in Canada, while the oil prices are to be hiked a rate of 20% above the normal price.

Utility companies in the prime cities of Canada have said that the price hikes are supposed to come into effect from July 1 of the current year, the prices have not been fixed by authorities. The average gas bill of a citizen in Canada is generally $1400 in a year which is rated really high compared to the other countries. If at all the rates are hiked even more, the annual gas bills will apparently reach an amount of $1680.

These gas bills paid ( online bill payment ) by the citizens should naturally be worth it! To ensure this the industrial ministry have planned to implement some tests that check for correctness and the efficiency of the gas pumps that are used at various gas stations. It is under planning that the stations having improper gas pumps will have to be charged with high penalties. Awareness from the people’s side will lead to further measures for more efficient use of gas.

Every person should feel responsible to check the pumps that are used to fill their vehicles for a possibility of even the smallest level of leakage or wastage. It is appreciable that the government is taking steps towards best usage and no wastage of gas. Although, there is least percentage of faulty gas pumps at stations (3% of faulty pumps identified over a decade). It is being made mandatory that the gas stations need to renew their certifications regarding their readings, every two years.

There is no more cheap natural gas that is available for Canadian citizens. There might have been a decrease in gas bills in Canada during the recent winter season directly because of the less consumption of natural gas for heating purposes compared to the previous winters. Gas bill calculations mainly depend on the place rather the province a person lives in. electricity bill The bills may be on a monthly basis or even on a quarter year basis. Ontario is a major city in Canada that have the gas bills calculated on a quarterly basis while in Alberta situated in western Canada the utility bills come up once in a month.

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Biting cold seasons will naturally double up the gas bills of a citizen in Canada. No one to blame because it is just the over consumption of gas to heat up living places is the primary cause of the hike in utility bills. No wonder a help line called the Consumer Hotline has been set up the Union Gas just to answer and convince the consumers’ calls who are almost frustrated with the ever increasing gas utility bills. What is a gas bill?

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