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What are Travel expenses?

Humans from the start of the time have always moved around settling in various places, traveled in search of food or riches, making business with different settlements. This was made possible only due to travel. For traveling, the human race was unable to rely only on the natural mode of transport i.e. their legs. Various substitutes and methods were developed for easier and more comfortable traveling experience. The comfort and ease always come with a compromise. In this case it was the cost of transportation or travel. Transporting a band of goods or for a personís travel, there was a need for a trade-off between the comfort and the cost factor.

Travel expenses - A Definition:
Most businesses nowadays send their employees to other places for their business purposes. So it is only natural for the employee to expect the employer to reimburse the expenses incurred during the travel. The total expense one encounters during a travel that is eligible for refund is known as travel expenses. This amount which is variable is completely dependant upon the company and its policies. However in Canada there are some regulations that are in place for the benefit of the employee to get the travel expenses benefits. Some of these regulations are given here.

Canadian Regulations on Travel expenses:
There are three main types of travel expense reimbursements. They are based upon characteristics or nature of travel. They are as follows:
* Per day or Per Deim: This type of travel expenses is given on a daily basis so that the person would get the maximum possible benefit each day. This is usually recommended to be at $45 per day for all the employees, even the top level management executives. This includes various gratuities like the meals of the day, porterage expense and even dry cleaning or laundry costs.
* Kilometerage: This settlement is based upon the per kilometer of travel basis and insists that if the travel of a staff or personnel exceeds one hundred and fifty kilometers a day then the person should request for a rental vehicle as means of transport. This kilometerage charge is very useful for calculation and documentation of the reimbursement that is being given to the staff
* Fixed Kilometer rate: Sometimes the rate of expense cannot be calculated just based on the amount of kilometers driven. There might also be a need for external charges like the toll fees and ferry charges in case of traveling across islands in a ferry.

There are other regulations for claiming of travel expenses. For example, a medical expense during a business trip. This is a reimbursable travel expense. Moreover the travel expense also includes loss of vehicle or damage to the vehicle and child care expenses. Sometimes there might be a situation in which a business trip has to be combined with a personal trip. In such cases the expenses occurred for personal uses, are not reimbursed and the person can only apply or request reimbursement of the business part of the trip.

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