What are Transportation Costs?

The Requirement of people to move from a place to another place has been one of the most basic requirements. This has resulted in various inventions right form the wheel to the present day airplanes. However any advancement in technology comes with a cost. Here the present day transportation is in need of energy which is usually of the non-reusable or non-recoverable form. Usage of this type of energy has its cost both financially and on the environment. What we are going to focus on here is the advancement of the transportation industry in Canada and the cost that the transportation industry has fiscally on the public.

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Transportation Control in Canada:
The Canadian government has started reading and implementing strict rules for the better transportation quality in the country. These also include the various rules and regulations that are to be followed while using either a public or private mode of transportation. The transportation cost in Canada is optimal and within the current spending range of a common citizen. There are control and regulatory boards that were set up to look after the transportation regulations were in place or not.

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Transport Canada:
The Transport Canada is a regulatory body of the Canadian Government that makes regulations, passes them in the parliament and makes them into regulations and rules. The transport Canada is responsible for the various rules that are in place for better transportation. Sometimes the Cost of the travel is accepted by the government. These are in some special cases. Also there are provisions that make it compulsory for the companies that hire people from other countries or provinces to pay for the transportation cost for the employee if so mentioned in the agreement of the employer and the employee. This agreement is signed at the time of the job offer or at the time of hiring. The Person or the employee may require transportation cost being reimbursed, if so then it has to be mentioned during the time of hiring. If done so then there will be a reimbursement of the money that the person spends as the transportation cost.

Requirements of the availing of the Transportation Costs:
The work agreement usually has three main options for the workers to avail the transportation cost. The first is that the employer should pay for the round trip to the organization for the workers or employees who are not permanent citizens of Canada. The Second Option is that the worker or employee is at the present in Canada but the person requires the transportation cost to be provided by the employer then it is an obligation that the employer or the employing company should pay the transportation costs for the employee. The third option is for the person who leaves a job obtained is to once again apply for transportation costs from the new employer. This option is useful only for the people who are non residents of Canada and the round trip to their home country would be reimbursed by the Employer.

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