What are Health problems? A medical problem or a health problem is basically some kind of an abnormality or deviation from the normal behavior of the body. This is sometimes called a disease or a disorder or even an infection. Such abnormalities or attacks can be caused due to various factors. These aberrations can be because of external viruses, microbes and bacteria. Disorders are caused due to some of the body parts being non-functional.

A health problem is a very broad term. It encompasses any kind of disability of any magnitude in a human body. A health problem could be a disease, a fever, a common cold, a serious injury, mental depression and so on and so forth. As already defined any human being who is not physically or mentally normal is said to have a health problem. Canada, like any other country, too suffers from this eternal plight of various diseases lingering in the country.

With the population continually increasing, it sometimes becomes very difficult for the public health care organizations to check the transmission and pervasiveness of the various diseases. Canada too has frequent hits of epidemics, with the swine flu being latest. The advent of any new disease and its prevention requires awareness of its consequences and symptoms. The Canadian health care systems begin with such an attempt as they believe that once people are socially aware they can either aid in its prevention or a quick recuperation from the disease.

The public health care centers in Canada are run by the government of Canada to reduce the number of health problems. These organizations are extremely efficient. They have made a mark by providing their citizens the best health care facilities and assuring to do so in the future. The Canadian health care centers are exemplary and many countries are now adopting their systematic and meticulous health care management strategies. The best feature of the Canadian health care centers is that they provide equal health and medical facilities to its citizens irrespective of their economic or financial stature.

The government of Canada spends over $160 billion for the public health care sector. This amount is about 11% of their GDP. Canada is even planning to increase the chunk of money allotted as the population is steadily rising. The health care expenditures in Canada are expected to increase to about $180 billions by the year 2009. This accounts to approximately $5000 per citizen. The medical and health care organizations in Canada are funded by the government but they are generally run by the private sector.

The Canadian medical system is excellent. It's a rule that no doctor or physician is supposed to demand or charge a fee more than the amount that has been negotiated and finalized by the government. This is on per visit basis. The cost of medicines, injections are very nominal and affordable. The pharmaceuticals facilities in Canada are also very good. All the drugs are available when necessary and the apothecaries are formally trained. What are Health problems?

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