What are Fines in Canada?
Canada is nation that goes by a lot of activities that are fined for. The fines are usually heavy and the activities are usually like the price fixing, racism, etc. The most major airline of Europe-Air France KLM has been up to price fixing during the period between 2002 and 2006 on air cargo routes that affects Canadian routes. Air France, KLM and Martinair have been rendered a fine of $10 million for illegally communicating with various competitors about the details of imports and exports of Canada. These activities led to a clean surcharge of around 31 million dollars. Air France and KLM formed a combined company and for which Martianary served as the subsidiary. Competition Bureau charged a heavy fine of $10 million on the combined company. According to some sources of news the penalty was decreased later due to their co-operation during the investigatory procedures.

The card issuer of MBNA was held in charge for violating a provision of the Bank Act of the country for which MBNA was charged a heavy fine. The financial consumer agency of Canada took rights to render the fine of C$50,000 from MBNA after having known about the card issuer and concerned activities. This was done in favour of the interests of the consumers as the consumer agency would generally do.

Canada strictly opposes racism and there have been instances where individuals and authorities were made to pay fines for offending people from the view of racism or practising violent racist activities. An interesting piece of news is that a newspaper reporter who made a harsh statement "Jews were a disease that needed to be cleaned up" was subject to a huge amount of fine, the charge being dehumanising comments.

A court-Red Deer court had once declared a fine on a company, the reason being the death of a worker in that company and there is an endowment fund taken up in an educational institution for the privilege of the worker. There have been a lot number of fines imposed with respect to labour watch. Fines have been charged for issues concerning politics and improper choice and bondage between union leaders and union workers. Fines are also for the inappropriate distribution of power for the workers and the leaders. Labour Watch is now working hard to explain union fines across Canada. The provincial labour code of Canada says that there can be imposition of fines on the union workers even for crossing picket lines.

A manufacturer of resins and plastics, a company in Canada by name Durez Canada Company Limited was forced a fine of $70,000 on June 26th of the current year 2009. The fines were for violating Occupational Health and Safety Act, a worker having been injured badly. There were trials held up against the company for failing to protect the worker from such injuries and for not giving proper security to the workers working for the maintenance and labour activities of the company.

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