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What is Boxing Day Sales?

The day after Christmas, is traditionally called a Boxing day as on that day, in England gifts were boxed and distributed to the less fortunate and the people in the service industry; it also became a tradition to buy leftover goodies from Christmas at much cheaper rates. In modern times, though this day is observed across most predominantly-Christian-populated commonwealth countries and it is known by different names in different places, it is the day for holding Boxing Day Sales everywhere.

Even if the day is called St. Stephen's Day, as it is in parts of Ireland, it is still a day for shopping. Shops generate their highest revenues on this day as it has become the day for shopping. It is also one of the best days traditionally for holding Football and Rugby matches in England. Whatever you call it, people like saving money on boxing day!

Some shopkeepers announce dramatic discounts to get rid of their Christmas stock; it is the commonwealth equivalent of the shopping holiday - Black Friday in the US, which is the day after Thanksgiving, when people throng the stores. Most stores open early, at times as early as 5 A.M., offer discounts like doorbusters, etc. to lure customers. Typically there are fist fights, stampedes, etc. on this day, prompting some provincial governments into banning sales, like in Atlantic Canada and Northern Ontario. Hopefully you have some money in your bank account to take advantage of the money saving sales.

So the Boxing Day Sales are held on the next day; some stores have Boxing Week as they are unable to manage the crowds in one day. They also announce prizes and distribute coupons, vouchers, etc. to lure shoppers and also to keep them from losing their tempers in the typically long queues.

I would advise that people use budget planning and even a cash flow worksheet to plan out their spending for after Christmas sales. While it's a great idea to get discounts whereever possible, you don't want this day to be any type of cause of money problems.

Enterprising shop keepers have started holding Boxing Week sales in recent years as people are still in holiday mood and would not mind spending. Electronics and consumer durables showrooms attract people who stand in long, serpentine queues even before the shops open on the Boxing Day Sales in the hope of getting the coveted product at a very reasonable price which would be impossible on any other day.

Even last year's economic melt down towards the year end had no adverse effect on the Boxing Day Sales. As sales figures from across the world for all major retail chains have shown, people still shop on Boxing Day, no matter what. So any store owner would be well advised to hold as many promotional events as possible to grab eyeballs and increase footfall. In the current economic climate it makes sense for stores to hold early promotions and offer heavy discounts to attract the shopper who otherwise, might not be ready to part with his hard-earned money.

I advise that people develop a gift budget as a way to plan for this expenditures... Don't be afraid to ask for a refund on items that you need to return... these ideas will help you save money.

Given the way we live our lives these days, is it any wonder that some shops in Canada hold their Sales online? They give away coupons and gifts to visitors randomly like greeting cards, pizza coupons, chocolate gift boxes etc, which the customers can collect on Boxing Day; last year some stores opened their doors at 8 P.M. on Christmas Day, citing time zones and crowd management & any excuse for a sale! What are boxing day Sales?

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