What Are Air Miles?

Air Miles is referred to as one of the separately-owned loyalty programs in several countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain and the Middle East. The system entails that points are earned on purchases made with participating merchants.

The article talks about the following:
  • Air Miles rewards Program

  • Benefits of Air Miles

  • Earning Rewards using Air Miles

What is the Air Miles Reward Program?

It is presently owned and operated by Loyalty One, whose parent company is Alliance Data. The AIR MILES® reward program was launched in Canada in 1992, and is considered the biggest coalition loyalty program in the county. In 1998, AIR MILES® Canada was acquired by Alliance Data Systems. In 2008, Alliance Data Loyalty Services became known as Loyalty One.

Air Miles Canada has more than 100 partners, which includes the Bank of Montreal, American Express, Shell Canada, Canada Safeway in the western provinces, the pharmaceutical firms of Metro and Rexall Pharma Plus as well as Sobeys and Lawtons in provinces east of Ontario.

Consumers collect Air Miles reward miles from sponsors, which can be redeemed for 1,200 reward choices, such as travel, entertainment, home electronics and gift cards. There are more than ten million active collector accounts across Canada. This is approximately two-thirds of Canadian households participating in AIR MILES.

In April 2009, AIR MILES® Canada launched My Planet, an initiative to help people trade in their Air Miles for environmentally conscious products and services. Initially, My Planet offered collectors over 140 green redemption items, including public transit passes, organic cotton linens, and electric scooters. After five months, the program was extended to stores and point of purchase.

AIR MILES® Canada has already received awards for marketing, customer care/call centres, human resources, training and leadership

What are the Benefits of Air Miles?

There are immense benefits that you can derive from joining the program:

There are more than 10 million accounts with over two-thirds of Canadian households.
It is a leader in targeted, one-to-one multi-channel communications.
It has extensive expertise in applying data analytics and research to yield customer insights.
There are innovations such as AIR MILES My Planet, Canada's first national program rewarding eco-friendly choices, and AIR MILES for Social Change, partnering with governments and NGOs to promote greener, healthier lifestyles
More than 100 AIR MILES Sponsors gain the benefits of sharing costs, leveraging data and driving revenue growth through coalition-based strategies for engaging and influencing consumers. They also benefit from our array of flexible marketing tools. The program is a leader in all aspects of one-to-one communications and customer segmentation.

How do you Earn Rewards Using Air Miles?

Canadian residents can apply for an Air Miles reward card to present to retailers when shopping in an effort to accrue Air Miles reward points. Every purchase you make at a designated Air Miles retailer accrues points that you can use towards rewards such as travel and entertainment. Once you have enough points accumulated you may begin redeeming your points for any number of rewards, including free flights and vacations or concert tickets

It is one of the best ways to get rewards in Canada.

With an AIR MILES® Collector Card, you can turn everyday purchases like gas and groceries into movie tickets, kitchen gadgets, electronics, dream vacations and so much more. Unlike other frequent shopper programs, you can earn rewards from all types of companies with thousands of locations across Canada.

And now you can also redeem instantly towards your everyday purchases at participating Sponsor locations! It all depends on how you set your preference between your AIR MILES® Cash and Dream balances.

Air Miles Incentives

People perform at their best when motivated by the knowledge that you reward and recognize loyalty. Employees, channel partners and business customers will exceed expectations when they receive superior value from their relationship with you.

From sales effectiveness to employee and customer retention, Air Miles provides the program any business organization needs to meet any business challenge.

The program boasts of the following:
  • Highly recognized brand and currency

  • Established credibility across Canada

  • Established Collector base of more than 60 per cent of Canadian households


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