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Having Trouble with a Collection Agency - Check Out My
Collection Agency Kung Fu system
You can start to take control immediately with my tips on dealing with collection agencies.


Monty Loree
Founder of
If youíre reading this page, then you're looking for the truth about collection agencies... You probably truly want help dealing with those painful collection agencies. Because Iíve seen thousands of posts on this site from people who are going through the pain of dealing with collection agencies, Iíve seen the misunderstandings, and misconceptions that people have. Iíve read almost every type of problem that a person could have with a collection agency.

As such, I know through and through what youíre dealing with.. Thatís why Iíve created the Collection Agency -Kung Fu system

IMPORTANT: The goal of my system is to help you take control and feel in control with collection agencies. I canít make them go away, just like I canít make your debts go away. That would be impossible for me to do!

Hereís what you WILL receive from my Collection Agency Kung Fu system!
* My Collection Agency Ė Kung Fu ebook
* A script you can use to help talk through a collection agentís call
* An 11 minute Video thatís full of fundamental tips about dealing with collection agencies
* Tips on MP3s (podcast) about dealing with collection agencies
* Contact Addresses & Info of Regulators who can help you for free.
* $10 off my DIY Credit Repair Ebook for Canadians

As An ADDED BONUS Ė Iíll Include The Following Letter Templates:
* 2 Letter Templates to Dispute Item with Collection Agency
* Letter Template to Ask Collection Agency To Remove Item with Credit Report
* Two other secret template letters that youíll need to stop the collection agent in their tracks
These templates alone are worth the price of this system!
If youíve been hounded by collection agencies, by now you need a little relief, and you need it now!!

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