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RE: NCO are they for real? Cell phone issue.

Postby nukecafe » Tue Oct 30, 2012 05:54:12 AM

My son had his cell phone stolen and we cancelled the service as per Bell's agreement. However about $600 worth of illegal calls to the middle east and eastern europe were still added to the bill. We disputed this for almost three years, while keeping two other cell phones, home phone, internet, etc. (about $300 per month in services) compared to the $35 pm for the cell. Bell sent the account to NCO who kept calling for the past two years and wanted almost $1,000. I offered them a third for payment which they accepted. Could likely have gone lower, but I factored in the actual contract, the cancellation fee and shaved a percentage off that.
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RE: NCO are they for real?

Postby Ottawa_Chap » Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:28:25 AM

Just had another call from NCO come in today. Again, when I'd answer and hit #2 to go to an attendant (vulture), they'd state their name, then hang-up on me.

This time around I called back. I had to give my phone # to the twit, before the games began. She wanted my D.O.B., and I refused, indicating that I don't know who she is or why she was calling? She told me this was policy, and I needed to provide it or the calls would still continue...

This went on for a bit, then I had her confirm my address. This is when she indicated there was an outstanding account with MBNA in the office for 25k... I laughed!! Told her she'd have to put that down on paper so that I could review (frame) it.

Anyway, going to give them an hour and then call back again. Think I'll have some fun with them today. Might make it easier to settle the account for a couple hundred bucks?

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RE: NCO are they for real?

Postby TJ.brooks » Wed Sep 14, 2011 05:25:30 PM

They have to be able to prove the debt. If their own client says nothing time they call ask for proof of debt and then do nothing till they provide it. Do not agree to any debt in writing and do not make any payment towards it till they have sent you proof.
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NCO are they for real?

Postby Darrell » Wed Sep 14, 2011 04:23:26 PM

My daughter recieved a bill from NCO Financial saying she owed Paypal almost 500.00. She is deaf and has a hard time contacting and dealing with these people and said she does have a Palpal account but never used it. So I call NCO to try and get it resolved. After about two hours and four different puone numbers Italked to a real person and was told that it has to be payed no if ands or buts, ok I phone Paypal to see where the money went and they said yes she has had an acc. since 2005 and never used it nothing and maybe she is being scamed and to talk to a lawyer that would cast more than the debt. So not sure what to do.
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