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RE: MBNA credit card question

Postby AlysaLee » Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:38:16 AM

MBNA Corporation was a bank holding company and parent company of wholly owned subsidiary MBNA America Bank, N.A., headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, prior to being acquired by Bank of America in 2006.
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RE: MBNA credit card question

Postby CreditYaYa » Sat Jun 04, 2011 03:40:20 PM

I just saw this news article about a guy getting harrassed by MBNA to pay off his credit card balance.


A man whom a High Court judge said was "tortured" by hundreds of phone calls from his credit card firm has spoken for the first time about his ordeal.

Keith Harrison, a businessman from Buckfastleigh in Devon, spoke exclusively to the BBC about the telephone harassment that the MBNA credit card firm, and the debt collection firm Link Financial, had used to try to make him repay his outstanding credit card bill.

"They [MBNA] were condescending and rude. The bottom line is they don't believe what you say," said Mr Harrison.

"Whatever you say about your circumstances they are not interested, they just want you to get your debit card out," he added.

The lenders' behaviour was so bad that it contributed to a decision in February, by Judge Nicholas Chambers QC at the High Court in Mold, to write off just over £20,000 outstanding on Mr Harrison's card.

The question is: if you get a credit card from MBNA and then you can't pay for whatever reason... are you going to get harrassed to the extreme?

That's kind of scary
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RE: MBNA credit card question

Postby JeanKarla » Sun May 22, 2011 08:06:46 AM

There are a lot of credit cards to choose from. One of the best cash back credit cards that offers excellent rewards or points is the MBNA Smart Cash Platinum MasterCard. A lot of people may think that credit cards are evil. They are just a tool and they are only useful for person that can responsibly hold the card. Using a credit card for every purchase would possibly give you free points. However, you must make sure to pay off the full balance every month.

Cash back credit cards using an MBNA 1% Premier Rewards Platinum Plus card. It offers 1% cash back from the first dollar spent with no maximum rebate. It also provides a comprehensive insurance package. The card does not have any annual fee. But there is a new cash back card coming from MBNA.

Read more about the MBNA Smart Cash Platinum MasterCard: http://www.cma1.ca/662
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RE: MBNA credit card question

Postby jonathanpaul » Wed Mar 30, 2011 06:42:06 AM

The MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard is a generous credit cards as it provide cash back and does not have any annual fee. If you wish to apply for this card, it will require a good credit rating.

The Smart Cash MC is offering a 1.99% APR on balance transfers for 10 months. It is providing cash back of up to 1% for all qualifying retail purchases. If you are going to avail cash advance cheques, it has a competitive rate of 1.99% for 10 months. In addition, up to 5% cash back on certain gas and groceries for six months and 3% cash back after the first six months.
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MBNA credit card question

Postby montyloree » Tue Mar 29, 2011 04:09:48 AM


i saw this post over at redflagdeals.com and was wondering what your opinion is on this card

travel credit card
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