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RE: Paid Delinquent account

Postby Marquisse » Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:15:51 AM

If the date of last activity is wrong, as in 4 years later, then you can lodge a serious complaint as that is not supposed to happen. However, if the bill was paid in 2009 then the date of last activity is correct, since the date of last activity is when payment was last made on the account.
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RE: Paid Delinquent account

Postby RichardC » Tue Apr 06, 2010 02:29:32 PM

I feel your frustration re: the Ambulance ride.

I know someone close to me who needed immediate medical attention otherwise he was pretty close to death and the hospital deemed it "non critical" and like you they billed him $300 - he never paid it out of principal because he really did need that ambulance/paramedic asap - yet with it on his credit file he still managed to get a better then posted mortgage rate.

The point is creditors overlook these little incidents at their discretion all the time. Your difference is that you actually paid it, my friend didn't

Focus on building good credit now. Heres some useful tips about maintaining and building great credit:

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Paid Delinquent account

Postby andreakip » Tue Apr 06, 2010 01:26:34 PM

I'm pretty frusterated with my credit right now and need some advice.

I obtained 2 credit cards about a year and a half ago with the hopes of building up new (and good) credit as I didn't really have a credit history. I have always paid my cards and kept them in good standing. However, my credit score is not moving or improving no matter how much I pay or how good of a standing I keep with my revolving accounts because of one paid delinquent account.

Years ago I had to use the services of an ambulance, and shortly after I moved...not recieving the ambulance bill, I completely forgot about it. I was finally contacted by a collection agency and paid it immediately. (after reading some posts here, maybe it would have been better just to ignore it...morals aside as it was put) But nonetheless, here I am with nothing but good things on my report....except for this paid ambulance bill. (it was just a $300 bill by the way) And that one old, paid bill won't let my score improve.

Is there someone (like the collection agency or city ambulance) that I can write to request that they have this removed from my credit? Or am I stuck with this black mark on my credit for years to come, no matter how hard I work at it? (last activity says 2009...however this bill was paid and done with in at least 2005, so the date of 2009 is wrong)
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