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We feel that we could give our clients a much better service if we helped them dispute items with the required parties. Because of credit repair's newness in Canada, we've been spending most of our time educating creditors and regulators about credit repair. This means that we're moving at a much slower pace than we'd like. If we help you dispute items with our knowledge and your hard work, this will leverage all of our efforts and give all of our client's even greater success.

We are pleased to offer our new more cost effective service: Do It Yourself Credit Repair. This service empowers you, the consumer, to get control with credit bureaus, creditors, and everyone else listed on your credit report.

It is time that Canadians were aware of what their rights are regarding credit reporting. As it's new to most Canadians, you'll have to give yourself a little time for the learning curve. Ultimately we feel that you will get a greater sense of peace of mind knowing that you'll have a more level playing field with the powerful credit bureaus, and creditors.

Credit Repair is Brand New in Canada

As of this writing, credit repair is so new in Canada that it's not well known, and not well understood by the majority of Canadians. This lack of education includes most employees at most financial institutions. We know this as we've have spent most our time educating all of the parties involved in the credit repair process.


Credit repair is all about the laws in Canada and the contracts you sign with creditors. It is also about how the financial institutions and regulators understand credit repair. Up until now the consumer hasn't understood credit repair very well. It's hard to fight for something if you don't know the rules of what you're fighting for. Our systems will empower you with guidelines to all aspects of credit repair.

We give you the Knowledge and Tools

We give you the tools to use to confidently fight credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies. We will show you how to or your credit reports. We will explain what you can dispute and why you should have success fixing items on your credit reports.

You've probably had the experience where you've talked with a creditor, credit bureau or collection agency and have been told what they can or can't do, or what they will or will not do. Much of the time what they're telling you is based on company policy and not what is regulated. We've heard this over and over again. Unless you understand your rights, you will always give control to these powerful companies. Just knowing a few of the regulations will give you more control.

Credit Repair is NOT easy - Knowledge is Power

Honestly, repairing your credit is not going to be easy. However, knowing your rights and then starting to get some results on your credit report will give you a great sense satisfaction and control. I can say this confidently based on my own personal experience. We will be there for you to encourage you and to give you help during your personal credit repair journey. This is far more than anything that has been offered in credit repair before in Canada.