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My name is Monty Loree and I am the founder of Canadian-Money-Advisor.ca. I am pleased to offer you the following information to help you learn how to deal with collection agents.

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The following 5 tips will help you to immediately take the upper hand.
  1. Canadian Collection Agencies are regulated businesses.
    Most importantly, collection agencies have to comply to provincial legislation. If you have any doubts about their conduct, you can make inquiry with the local regulator.
  2. There are certain things collection agents can and cannot do.
    Each provincial regulator has a list (rules are slightly different in each province) of what a collection agency is allowed to do. Studying these regulations will clear up alot of your questions.
  3. Collection Agents must have permission to contact you.
    The Federal Privacy Commission has information about how businesses collect and disclose your private and personal information. This information is located in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
  4. Collection Agents can have their licenses revoked if they don't follow regulations
    If you feel in any way that a collection agency is not acting within its regulated boundaries, simply tell the collection agency that you can't talk to him/her right now until you get your questions answered by the regulators.
  5. Collection Agents provide a service
    Sometimes people genuinely forget to pay their bills. On rare occasion I have forgotten to pay a bill and have received a collection notice. I promptly put a cheque in the mail and it's over with. Collection agents in this case are like money sheep herders. They're happy to leave you alone if you pay the bill.
As they say, "Knowledge is Power". The above tips are some basic points that will help you to start to take control in case you receive an unwanted collection call.

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