• Podcast #1 - Jon Chevreau - Author of Findependence Day

    I had a good visit with Jon Chevreau. Jon is the author of Findependence Day, and is also an editor at the Financial Post - You can see his writing at http://www.wealthyboomer.ca

    Jon Chevreau - Author of Findependence Day
    Listen Now! Duration: 18 Minutes

    Findependence Day is a 22 year story about a couple named Jamie and Sheena. Jamie is a frugal saver type & self employed & Sheena is an employee and is considered to be the spender type.

    Jon talks about Chapter 2 of Findependence Day - Money Money Money (It's a Rich Man's World)
    I would summarize this by saving "the best investment is paying off debt - get rid of student loans and credit card debt, before you worry about investing in the stock market."

    He also talks about Chapter 4 of Findependence Day - Baby You're a Rich Man
    This is summarized by saying "people already have wealth.. you're richer than you think. You've got a great human capital - a great potential which you convert to financial capital over your lifetime.

    He talks four money personality types - builders, spenders, savers & givers and gives a good explanation about these personalities.

    Jon describes this book as a personal finance harlequin romance.

    I asked Jon which personal finance websites he visits. The following are some of the sites: He replied that he visits the following blogs/sites
    As of this podcast Jon's got 17,285 followers on Twitter. As part of his job, he hangs out alot on FinancialPost.com.

    Some of the blogs he likes to read is CanadianCapitalist.com, FinancialHighway.com and MillionDollarJourney.com.. These are prominent personal finance blogs in Canada.

    Jon mentions that he's also active on canadianmoneyforum.com discussion forum.

    Jon does alot of interaction on twitter.com for himself and financialpost.com
    He likes to use lists to organize his twitter contacts which is a good idea.

    Financial Term - Frooger
    I asked Jon what the term frooger means... He said that it is a combination of "Guerilla" & "Frugality" - You need to use the frooger mentality to pay off debts and then continue with the frooger mentality to invest your way to wealth.

    My favorite quote from this interview: "Be an owner, not a loaner"

    I really enjoyed visiting with Jon, and I'm know I'll see him daily on twitter.

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On Feb 9, 2010, G Desanto Said:
Good interview... I often read Jon's blog on the financial post