• Debts Make Me Sick

    A person carrying debts makes them physically and emotionally sick. If you will not open up to some one your close to or consult your problems to an expert you will be pressured and anxious. Thinking over and over again on how will you find a solution to solve them? The worst you will fall out. It is very advantage if a person is vocal with regards to his problem, aside it will give you a relief you will also gain knowledge to figure it out and may have lots of varieties to choose from on how to pay your debt.

    There are some points of paying debts or mortgage:

    a) Earlier investment the more the better

    All of us can be debt free if we know which one should be our top priorities. Another mistake that we keep on doing is when we have plenty of money we will not pay them on time or we don’t put our money to where it is intended to be but rather they are diverted into other things. Investment is far better than having a debt today.

    b) Early retirement is an option

    Most people want to retire early but debts and other big money problems make them work longer even at 70. If you have too much extra you can pay your retirement free as early as you want so that by the time you want to relax and retire you can still have an income .But retirement today is still a big option whether to retire or not. Your future as well as your family’s future depends on your own free will

    c) Satisfactory to reduce debts

    Person should have contentment whether in work or at home. Without this a person might be involve in a big consequences later on or even more. For example: a person has a happy home already, but because he’s not satisfied for what he has. He craves for more even if he can’t afford it. All of his monthly income would only go to debit cards or loans. In a long run without knowing they are now full of debt and made them difficult to overcome.

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On Jul 1, 2010, Personal Finance Software Said:
Yes I completely agree Debts Really Make Me Sick thanks for sharing this interesting and helpful information....
On Jun 4, 2010, personal loans Said:
Useful suggestions! I think if you several debts, begin with which have to be paid off urgently. Then advance to the second important debt, progressively to lesser important and so on. Ultimately you have to keep you credit card balances low. Also you should pay your credit card bills on time as this will also help your credit score.