• Podcast #2 - Tom Drake - CanadianFinanceBlog.com

    I had a nice visit with Tom. We talked about a bunch of different topics.

    Tom Drake - CanadianFinanceBlog.com
    Listen Now! Duration: 18 Minutes

    I was interested to learn that he lives in Edmonton with his wife and new child, and that he works at Sobey`s West as a financial analyst for Western Canada.

    Tom has been blogging for about taxes, saving money and earning extra money for about a year now. As a matter of fact, he's celebrating his 1 year anniversary with a contest, that I'll describe below.

    He likes to blog about how to save money and earn extra income. He mentioned that as he's starting his new life with With his new family situation he`s finding these blogging topics valuable for himself and his readers.

    Tom's Tips for Personal Finance.
    Personal Finance Tips from Tom Drake
    Toms's a big fan of simple investing & getting the emotion out of investing. He likes TD Series Funds... REITs & TSFAs.

    I got a sense that because Tom is a financial analyst he is experienced at looking at numbers and working with them...

    He talked about the fact that he's going to be starting a form of Smith Manoeuvre soon. According to Tom "This type of Smith Manoeuvre is about making your mortgage tax deductible by paying it off sooner and putting it into investments".. He learned about this technique on MillionDollarJourney.com

    Sites Tom Drakes visits:

    Contest on the blog. McGraw Hill Books & Pocketsmith Giveaway.
    In order to celebrate the first anniversary of CanadianFinanceBlog.com Tom is running a contest. This Contest runs until February 12th. You need to add a comment to the blog post in order to enter.

    He's giving away 10 and the titles are as follows:
    Make Sure It's Deductible - Evelyn Jacks
    The Meltdown Years - Wolfgang Munchau
    Understanding Wall Street - Jeffrey B Little & Lucien Rhodes
    Winning the Losers Game - Charles D Ellis
    Benjamin Graham on Investing - David M Darst
    He's also giving away three 1-year Premium PocketSmith Subscriptions!

    Visit CanadianFinanceBlog.com's Book & Pocketsmith Giveaway to see the prizes and learn how to enter!

    I enjoyed visiting with Tom.. he and I have a few things in common.. I can relate to his job as a financial analyst for sobey's. I was a financial analyst for Continental Can Company and AFG Glass, both in Toronto, many many years ago.. The financial analyst position was something that molded my thinking about personal finance. As such I know that Tom will bring his knowledge and wisdom to his CanadianFinanceBlog.com blog.

    I think you'll enjoy this personal finance podcast.

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