• Credit Repair Canada - 3 things you should know

    I created this video to talk about three points people need to know about credit repair.

    Monty Loree - Talking about credit repair in Canada.

    Three points to discuss

    1) Credit Repair is not an exact science

    2) Everything on your credit report must be accurate, complete and verifiable.
    a) accurate means that the information is what you said it was
    b) complete means that pieces of information aren't left out
    c) verifiable means that the credit bureau must be able to verify your information

    3) Put your dispute down in writing
    a) If you don't write it down, you can't complain about it to the regulatory bodies.
    b) If you don't complain to the regulatory bodies, you probably won't get any action on your dispute.

    I will invite you to submit any documentation that you've received through the credit repair process. If you send me some documentation, I'll post it to the FAQ section of the site. I want to collect as much factual information in 2009 as possible.

    Please do give me your comments or questions on the video.

    Article Created: 2009-01-02
    Article Updated: Not yet updated.

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On Feb 25, 2009, Liquid Roof Said:
All these are the best points for credit repairing as many of us face the same problem at the time of credit repairing. Because they have less or imperfect information about his credit repairing. If we follow all these tips for this purpose then many of problems will never become hurdle in our way of success and comfort.
On Feb 22, 2009, Jeff Said:
Can a Canadian ask for a pay for delete from their credit report?

If I agree to pay whats outstanding, can I ask for the removal of any record as a condition? Is that possible in Canada?
On Jan 8, 2009, Monty Loree Said:
Hey James,
Hmmm... that's not credit repair, that's debt settlement.. credit repair is about making items on your credit report accurate complete and verifiable.

If you're saving thousands of dollars, don't the creditors want to know that you've got that money available?
On Jan 8, 2009, James Said:
I think the best way to credit repair is by paying as little as possible and settling debts while keeping one credit card open to rebuild. That way you get to keep thousands of dollars and repair your credit at the same time. I know a really good settlement company called Canada Debt Settlements. Those guys gave me a lot of information and saved me an amazing amount of money.
On Jan 5, 2009, b small nfld Said:
i've had some problems with my credit report. i ordered it, it took 6 tries before i got it.. the reason i found out is because i live in a trailer park , and i don't have a normal address.

anyway i've got problems on my credit report. it looks like somebody with the same name as me has stuff reported on my credit report. and the wurse part is, they've got bad credit. what can i do?