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    recordings - Listen Now!!

    Here are the Gail Vaz-Oxlade teleseminar recordings from March 4, 2008

    Part 1 - Listen Now! 20 minutes
    Part 2 - Listen Now! 20 minutes
    Part 3 - Listen Now! 20 minutes
    Part 4 - Listen Now! 13 minutes

    There was so much discussion it's hard for me to write about it!

    Gail and I talked for 73 minutes ! We started off by answering some of the questions on this Q&A discussion area.

    Some of the high lites for me was the discussion about the practicality of saving money vs paying off your credit cards. I also enjoyed hearing what Gail had to say about how people should think about their money. IE.. If you have a house, you need to budget for maintenance expenses.
    If you have a baby, you need to be able to afford to go on maternity leave. If you can't afford to go on maternity leave, then don't!!

    I'm curious to know if Gail Vaz-Oxlade does credit counselling for individuals.. I should have asked her.

    Gail's approach was very practical and straight forward regarding paying off credit cards. Pay off your highest interest credit cards first, the ones that are costing you the most.!!

    The picture that I got was this... Take time to manage your money. If you spend money, then you need to spend time managing your money! Make time for yourself to manage your money.

    Gail was able to talk about some of what goes on on her show Til Debt Do Us Part on Slice TV... that was alot of fun! I am appreciative of the fact that there are courageous people who are willing to bare their financial lives for the rest of us to see. Gail mentioned that people would rather talk about many other things than discuss their financial lives... Til Debt Do Us Part is helping make it more acceptable to open up and talk about your financial life, even if you're in the worst shape.

    Gail Vaz Oxlade podcasts

    At some point I might get a transcription for the show so that people can listen to it, but for the moment, it's worth every minute of time listening to this podcast. I've broken it into 20 minute segments so you can listen to it at different times!

    Please give me some feed back in the comment section.

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