• kenworth73 talks about getting scammed Out of $2,000 by fraudulent website

    This is an important podcast! Make sure you listen in!

    Kenworth73 advance fee loan scammed - $2000
    Listen Now! Duration: 11 Minutes

    After all of the people who have complained on this site about being scammed by unscrupulous advance fee loan scam sites, I was able to finally get somebody to talk to me for my podcast.

    kenworth73 mentioned that he was scammed for $2000 by transcanadaloans.com

    kenworth73 was kind enough to spend a few minutes telling me what happened.

    Hi-Lites of the podcast:
    • He was looking to purchase a truck valued at $18,000 and was trying to get some financing.
    • He stumbled upon transcanadaloans.com which appeared to be a good option to give him the credit he desired. It was a convenient source as he is busy working at his company.
    • He applied to transcanadaloans.com and gave him all of his personal information.
    • He sent them a money order for $2000
    • After doing a little research on Canadian-Money-Advisor.ca he realized he was in the midst of being scammed.
    • He tried to have his money order stopped by the bank but couldn't
    • He contacted the RCMP, phonebusters.com, Equifax TransUnion to let them know what happened.

    Getting scammed was only a part of his problems at this point:
    He purchased the vehicle and signed a contract for it. He also is on the hook for financing fees at 12% per month until he can get alternate financing. To top it all off , he lost his privileges at the auto auction because he didn't come through with proper financing.

    There's more...
    Because he gave these thieving scammers ALL of his personal ID items, the thieves may just help themselves to products and services using his stolen ID..

    What a head ache..!!

    People.. Listen Up!

    This important podcast interview Kenworth73 is a must listen.. It will help anybody who is desperate for a loan think twice about dealing with any bogus website or scam where the operators ask you for money upfront before they give you a loan.

    kenworth73 and others talk about getting scammed by transcanadaloans.com in this discussion area.

    Article Created: 2007-10-12
    Article Updated: Not yet updated.

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