• Is making money on the internet possible for Canadians?

    I did a nice interview with Will Hanke of poorsem.com regarding the possibilities of making money on the internet.

    TechLH.com - Making Money Online
    Listen Now! Duration: 10.5 Minutes

    Because it relates to money, I wanted Canadians to get an introductory to the idea that making money on the internet is definitely a possiblity and something you can do at home.

    Many Canadians that visit this site are going through hard times and suffering with credit problems. Many have lost their jobs and feel helpless that they aren't able to support their families and their credit card suppliers.

    I have stuck with making a living online as it fits my life style and it's something I can do from the comfort of home.

    In this interview with Will Hanke, he explains how he started by learning the fundamentals of website development back in 1997. He worked his website development part time at first. He then realized that his clients needed some hosting services. So he took on the task of learning how to provide hosting for his clients.

    Will's story is good for the following reasons:
    1. He didn't expect to get rich quick with his online business
    2. He realized that it was going to take time to build the business
    3. He's still at it and making money 10 years later!!

    There is alot of hype and mile long sales pages about how you can get instantly rich on the internet. Headlines like "how you can make $5000 in 30 days online".

    I actually took this "30 day challenge" course which was offered by Ray Edwards. ( A friend of mine wants to get into the internet business and bought this $299 USD course. He asked me to review it to see what I thought about it. )

    My thoughts on the 30 Day Challenge Course
    Ray Edwards has alot to offer. He was well prepared and delivered his material well. He offered Q&A sessions so that you could ask any questions you may have.

    The problem with this course, in my opinion, was that there was so much offered in such a short time, that it's almost impossible to do everything required to make the $5000 in 30 days.

    Ray Edwards has years of experience and is a natural at what he's doing.
    A more reasonable expectation is to take Ray Edwards course and then to develop and practice what he's talking about over a much longer time frame.

    It's unreasonable to think that an engineer is going to design and build a good building in only 30 days. It's also unreasonable to think that you're going to develop and run a successful online business from scratch in only 30 days.

    Getting back to Will Hanke's story.
    Will mentioned that he uses websites like cj.com - Affiliate Products, ClickBank - Ebooks and digital products to find online products to sell.

    He also mentioned that in order to have a successful online business in Canada, you need to have a website. His company, Lighthouse Technologies offers online hosting at techlh.com - ( Lighthouse Technologies ) . For as little as $6.95 a month, you can host your own website.

    Listen to my interview with Will Hanke.. He's got some great advice about how to get started online. I do like the fact that he's down to earth and suggests that there is a bit of work involved with developing a good online business. Will Hanke also mentions that anybody can do it if they set their mind to it!!

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    Article Created: 2007-10-21
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