• Interview with Canadian Money Coach - Nancy Zimmerman

    I am pleased to write about my visit with Nancy Zimmerman who is a money coach in Canada.

    Nancy Zimmerman - talks about being a money coach
    Listen Now! Duration: 16 Minutes

    I asked Nancy what a money coach is, and here's what she replied:
    "I'm not a life insurance salesman, I don't sell mutual funds or any type of securities". She doesn't sell any financial products.

    Nancy coaches Canadians about their money... IE.. she yanks them out of their day to day living and gets their head into thinking about how they're spending their money, how they're saving their money etc.

    Nancy made an interesting point about the fact that "most people think they know where there money is going." Sure... people do spend their money by themselves... however, they don't usually spend their money with goals and objectives in mind.

    I was happy that Nancy talked about a very good and wholesome approach to debt elimination. She compared paying off debts to going on a diet. The psychology behind the two disciplines is quite similar.

    For the rest of the conversation we talked about:
    • A bit about what a money coach is / does
    • Have debt NOT be the central drama of our financial lives
    • How to create sane, sustainable methods of getting rid of debt

    I liked my visit with Nancy Zimmerman.. She's got a no-nonsense approach to money. This is a must listen to podcast if you want to do better on managing / feeling good about your money.

    Nancy Zimmerman - Money Coach can also be found at

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    Advice for Canadians about their money.

    Article Created: 2007-10-06
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On Oct 10, 2007, nancy (aka money coach) Said:
Hi M - first, you're in good company. A lot of people are anxious about their finances! There are a wide variety of reasons for this. One of the most common is simply that we are not in touch with where we are at, with our money. We don't regularly take stock - in short, we don't know, what we don't know. Naturally, not having a clear sense of our financial landscape will create a lot of anxious static for us. A first step would obviously be to dive in and start getting involved with our money.
That's just one reason for anxiety. There are many more ... but that would require more than a blog comment! Feel free to check out my website for further thoughts and actions you can take.
On Oct 7, 2007, M Desrochieu Said:
I make a good salary, but I can agree with Nancy in that interview: even though I make alot, I still worry about money.

I'm interested to know how not to worry about money all the time