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    Capital One - Secured Credit Cards for Canadians

    We are pleased to announce that Canadian-Money-Advisor.ca has been picked to promote the CapitalOne Credit Card line on our website.

    • Guaranteed approval**
    • May help you build or rebuild your credit**
    • $0 fraud liability for unauthorized use**
    • From a Canadian bank that gives you a break
    • 24/7 customer service online and by phone
    • Card accepted at over 24 million locations worldwide
    • Instant access to cash at over 1 million ABMs
    • Refundable security funds from as low as $75**
    • Card design of your choice

    This secured credit card is good for people who are just building their credit, or have previously damaged credit and want to rebuild it.

    This secured credit card is also recommended for people who have just immigrated to Canada and want to get their credit started here.

    Canadian-Money-Advisor.ca is very pleased to be one of the very first websites in Canada to be able to offer this Canadian CapitalOne - Secured MasterCard!!

    Monty Loree introduces the CapitalOne Secured credit card for Canada.

    Capital One Secured Cards for Canadians
    Listen Now! Duration: 3 Minutes

    Article Created: 2007-10-20
    Article Updated: 2014-02-11

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On Oct 20, 2007, Traciatim Said:
Good on your Montee. Though it may not be the best card on the planet, this is actually the card in my wallet. After a bout with unemployment and hiding away from student loans this was the only way I figured I was going to get a credit card. I'll be just coming up on my 2 years of having the card and plan to switch to a no-fee card before my annual fee comes due. I also just recently purchased a house, thanks to a few years of good payment on my student loan and Capital One (and a healthy RRSP thanks to my work).

I know it sounds like an ad for Capital one, but after two years in a row (I applied each year around tax time) of being denied by my own bank I gave up and tried this out. Now I've moved from an apartment to a house, I have a credit card with a low ($750) dollar limit so that I can't get myself in too much trouble, and I can use it all the time for online orders without waiting for my bank to transfer funds to Paypal.