• Barb talks about her 5 years worth of problems with Equifax Canada & TransUnion Canada. Barb is a Canadian-Money-Advisor.ca member.

    Barb has 5 years of Equifax Problems
    Listen Now! Duration: 14 Minutes

    It was nice to have someone finally come forward and talk to me about their experiences with Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada.

    Barb who is a property investor in Quebec has been fighting with Equifax for 5 long years and has never been able to get any satisfaction with them. The worst part is that she's been declined for different types of credit because of the credit bureaus unwillingness to help her out.

    During this podcast, Barb explains how, even though she's debt free and keeps current with her bills, she's got a credit score of 450!! She's got good credit but has got a very bad credit score!!

    The good thing is that Barb diligently orders her credit report every 3 months to see what's being reported about her.

    Barb is getting a ton of inquiries on her credit report which is killing her credit score. A hard inquiry can

    I recommended that Barb contact Consumer Protection in Quebec as well as P.I.P.E.D.A.

    High-lites of the call:
    • Barb had to hire a lawyer in 1998 to get an inaccurate item removed from her credit report.!!
    • TD Canada Trust is checking Barb's credit monthly which is adversely affecting her credit.
    • Barb has perfect credit but has a very bad credit score
    • One negative item keeps appearing on her credit report even though it's 7 years old. She can't get rid of this negative credit item even though it's past the six year time limit.
    • Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada should be better regulated..

    Make sure you regularly check your credit reports with both Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada.

    Keep in mind that , by law, you CAN order your credit reports for FREE in Canada. See our DIY Credit Repair ebook for Canadians.

    I recommended that Barb sue Equifax and TransUnion as their negligence is costing her and her business money due to higher interest rates and fees to acquire credit.

    If you've had any dealings with Equifax Canada or TransUnion Canada and need some advice this is a podcast that you won't want to miss.

    Click here for Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada discussion on this site. Discussion about Barb and her situation here

    Article Created: 2007-10-12
    Article Updated: Not yet updated.

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