• 15 Blog Post Articles that talk about Equifax

    I did a google search for Equifax Blog as I wanted to see what other blogs were writing about Equifax.

    It's interesting to see the ones that float to the top of the search results as these are considered most important by google and the blogs readers.

    You notice that there aren't many top blog posts that praise Equifax for it's great and wonderful work. Understanding that Equifax's 2006 profit was $274.5 million - ( money.cnn.com ) you think they would do a little more flowery PR for their company.

    DIY Credit Repair For Canadians?

    Equifax blog posts listed here:
    1) Equifax Will Revoke Your Right to Link to Their Site
    Ok.. I linked to Equifaxs site...what now?

    2) Equifax posts executive salaries
    Equifax Inc. paid its chairman about $7.1 million in total compensation in 2006, according to a proxy filing late Friday.
    Atlanta-based Equifax (NYSE: EFX), which collects and manages credit, financial and demographic information for individuals and businesses, said it paid Chairman and CEO Richard F. Smith a $1.3 million salary; $520,000 bonus; about $2.3 million in stock awards; $458,248 in stock options; about $1.9 million in nonequity incentive plan compensation; $171,935 for reimbursement of federal and state income taxes on personal benefits and taxable relocation expense; $80,000 in club dues; $92,319 in travel-related relocation expense; $97,339 in other relocation expense; and $47,313 security system expense.

    3) Senator Schumer to Credit Agencies: Make It Easier to Freeze Credit
    Equifax, will soon begin letting consumers in all 50 states freeze their credit files

    4) Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Equifax, Stryker Corporation, AtheroGenics
    Equifax EFX listed in the zacks.com blog

    5) Equifax hires ID Thief
    We ( Equifax ) can confirm that an individual posing as Ms. Leach was employed with Equifax for less than a year, beginning in early 2006 Oh my!!

    6) Through The Fly's Eyes: Equifax
    Equifax Inc. (EFX) collects, organizes, and manages credit, financial, public record, demographic and marketing information regarding individuals and businesses

    7) Equifax and Privacy Commissioner settle spat over audit
    The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada announced today that it has successfully negotiated a resolution with regard to litigation involving its audit of the credit reporting agency, Equifax.

    8) equifax certificate on N95
    Equifax is N95 Trusted? It looks like the N95 had a certificate for Equifax, but not the root that Kev used for deadsquid’s mail.

    9) Equifax launches marketing tool for lenders (Finextra)
    Equifax (NYSE:EFX) today announced the launch of a new direct marketing prospecting tool to help lenders target consumers in today’s emerging credit …

    10) Equifax’s Movie Debut Rakes in $13.8 Million
    Equifax in the movies? Direct marketing services company and credit bureau Equifax had a cameo alongside leading man Harrison Ford in “Firewall,”

    11) Equifax Acquires Talx
    Equifax Inc., one of the nation’s largest sources of data, has reached a deal to buy Talx Corp., a provider of employment verification and human resources/payroll services.

    12) Equifax fights against the customer taking control
    According to an article in Wired.com, the chief executive of Equifax (which earned 1.27 billion in revenue in 2004), called the federal legislation that lets customers get a free copy of their credit report - get this - “unconstitutional.”

    13) Equifax Chief Calls Free Credit Reports Unconstitutional -- Yikes `:>)
    In a speech in California this week reported on in Wired Magazine "Equifax CEO Thomas Chapman called the legislation [providing free credit reports] unconstitutional and un-American." That's an absurd statement.

    14) Valentine v. Equifax
    The Valentine v. Equifax complaint dated June 2, 2005 states:
    “Plaintiff became aware of false information and accounts on her Equifax credit reports in 2001. Plaintiff disputed the false information and accounts with Equifax in 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

    15) Removing your Name for Prescreened Credit Offers and Other Promotions
    If you want to remove your name from prescreened, pre-approved promotional offers for credit or insurance based on your credit report from Experian, Equifax, TransUnion

    Discuss Equifax Canada
    Discuss Canadian Credit Bureaus Canada

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On Sep 2, 2012, promotion site Said:
obviously like www.canadian-money-advisor.ca however you need to test the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to tell the reality nevertheless I'll definitely come back again.
On Feb 27, 2011, Jon Chiariello Said:
Equifax is such a scam artist company. they still have living at my ex inlaws,,as if i would ever have lived there. all my bills are paid on time, except a brief period when i got divorced, they are like fema slow, filled with mis information, and no satisfying results. experian is the best choice for those of you fellow landlords wanting up to date correct info. and yes they actually correctly report and respond. i think equifax`has that russian guy peggy, from the credit card commercial working for them. all i know is i wish there were a way to sue them for mis information.
On Feb 26, 2010, Equifax Canada Incorporated Conspires to Hide The Truth! Said:
Equifax Canada and their lawyers conspired with The Bank of Nova Scotia and their lawyers who conspired with my fired ex-lawyer, Enio Zeppieri & Associates LLP, to hide my identity theft committed by a Scotiabank manager. Equifax would not tell the truth for 5 years. I had to find out the truth about Scotiabank theft of my identity from TD Canada Trust. Equifax is a crooked credit reporting agency!