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    Many people who visit this site have experienced the sharp pain of getting a call from a collection agent. This quick tip podcast will show you how to immediately take control over the phone call with the collection agent.

    This is the first of many collection agency tips. This is a great tip on how to take control with collection agencies.

    It's a must listen to.

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    Take control over collection agent phone call- podcast discussion

    UPDATE: February 18,2008
    I just created this new video which looks at the Collection Agency Act and gives our readers even more information to feel in control when a collection agency calls.!
    NEW!! Collection agency tutorial video for Canadians

    Canadian Collection Agency Tips

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On Nov 9, 2010, Marc Said:
I AM A COLLECTOR.... I'm a normal run of the mill kinda guy. I started collecting about 2 months ago and let me tell you that the agency I work FORBID us to be rude, lie or do anything that is against the law. We are monitored and if they "catch" you saying anything rude or untrue your fired. I collect for Bell Commercial. They used the service and equipment, so they must pay for the right to use those services. when they don't that's when I come in. I get more people to pay by being nice and polite and HELPING costumers with there disputes, than by just saying PAY NOW. What I'm trying to say is we are not the devil's advocates, sure you may have rotten luck, but if you owe $$ well sorry but you have to pay your dept.

Thank you for reading
Hope I don't have to call you.
On Jun 29, 2008, Ottawa_Chap Said:

It may be legal for them to initially contact you at work, but once you request that they discontinue those calls they must do so. FRT: I'm not an expert on the subject, but if you send them a registered letter requesting only written communications, I believe they must abide to your request.

One other note, avoid communications with a collector via email, as an email communication is unsecured and can (if desired) be captured by 3rd parties while in transit.
On Jun 20, 2008, Tera Said:
They are calling my work place.... Is this legal?
On Mar 26, 2008, E Krause Said:
I have never had any credit problems, but am getting automated calls from CBCL on a daily basis on my home business phone line. How can I stop this without waisting too much time?
On Dec 29, 2007, Monty Loree Said:
Hey ssimpson,

Good idea. especially if you've had your identity stolen.

The point is, unless you know the person calling you, it's important to get proof of
their identification. Especially if they're a collection agency.

Collection agencies by law must be licensed in your province, and provide proof that they're licensed.
On Nov 20, 2007, ssimpson Said:
Well, I might as well add to this, I have been fighting cancer for 1 year now and I am currently going through chemo treatments, I have lost my job and have been on short term disability. I just got a call from CBCL and no information,just to call back before 8 pm today. I know one thing I will be taking your advise, I had my identity stolen 3 years ago , what a mess that was, and from what I know I owe nothing.I pay my credit cards off and make my monthly payments so why are they calling me.
On Oct 27, 2007, Monty Loree Said:
Hey Ted,
Thanks for the kind comments...

Have you been in touch with Ontario consumer protection?
On Oct 27, 2007, Michael Kemp Said:
The turn over of employees in the industry is incredible.

After I learned what "CBCL" stood for I remembered I did tax returns (I own 2 accounting firms) for. CBCL is in my opinion a last place employer.

Example: Bryan L in Cambridge, a CBCL employee was scamming the local government by living with his girlfriend who was on welfare - and they were claiming he was still at his parent's address when he hadn't been for years. He was in default of a court order to file taxes and provide proof of income and had an order for 30 days in jail if he didn't produce by a certain date. Last minute he came into my office to get everything fixed, I went into court to testify on his behalf in front of Family Court Justice Hardman - she's a Justice you don't want to have - he was told verbatim - "you're lucky - you're not going to jail today" and a new date was set for the tax filings and proof of income. After that I did everything on the file he needed and he and his common law still stiffed me for the bill after everything I had done.

After I got my last call from CBCL on my matter and I connected the dots to what they do, I called them to collect the account and they won't touch it. They'll bug my ass about a debt that doesn't exist but they won't come near an account for one of their employees where I saved his ass.

Go figure what a screwed up society we live in.

Due to the wonders of call forwarding all automatice calls from their "800" number since May 11 2007 have been going to my cell phone - which I answered properly and politely and even tried connecting - with no success to why they were calling.

I have been able to electronic log each and every one as well as the returns.

All the inidividuals have been phoning from "416" numbers which have also been routed to my cell phone which I have again been answering each and every one politely - with no success - but also logging them too.

The latest was 1:57pm today and they didn't even bother to stay on the line after I answered. It's just pure harassment now.

The reality is, business is business and these guys have chosen their business to be collecting money people owe. That becomes uncool when they cross the line.

Accounts that are past the statute for collections. Accounts that are not debts. When you talk with them and they don't release information, etc - all that's uncool. They use low paid, unskilled employees that stress out and they replace fast. The good ones get to work on real accounts and do real business.

It's all about numbers.

I truly believe that it's ok to screw with these people if they want to cross the line and screw with you. If you've got the willpower, if you've got the objective right position that can stand up to scrutiny, then my opinion is stick to your guns, don't get upset and have fun.

The one thing they want is to piss you off. We are Canadians - other then having pride in all things Canadian we are too giving and forgiving. There are times even when things aren't our fault we think they are and try to make amends. Collectors try to get us there so they can collect money.

Be sure of yourself, be sure of your position, and if you're objectively correct, stand up - nicely, politely, remember they are people too - but stand up. Remember your rights. Remember you can ask for detailed responses and clarification
Remember you have the right to end the conversation if you want to - the phone is not glued to your head. Invite them to phone back when they wish to discuss it in more detail. Don't be pissed off at them - it's exactly what they want.

Tie up their time. Keep them on the phone. Don't be embarrased they are calling. When they call respond in a happy way and thank them for calling. Treat them to happy bullshit conversation about the weather, the driving. Ask them about their day, sympathize with them if there's an edge and make it personal from their end.

They have quotas. Back them up in their quotas. Ask them to repeat themselves. If they ask more then one question at a time ask them to repeat the questions one at a time. Admit to not understanding - you want a better understanding of the situation. Don't respond to leading questions. Say excuse me, another line.

Don't try to control the conversation just put it on an even par.

Main thing is - don't be intimidated and don't be aggressive.

On Oct 26, 2007, Tedd Taylor Said:
Outstanding advice Monty...I like your style..Very professional and totally in control..I have a somewhat more "direct" approach but your's is best for those who choose decorum...well done..

Note *** I'm thinking these vultures must have very thick skin to submit themselves to tirade that I assail them with..but then..I find the same person never calls twice...The turn over in the industry ( if one can it that )must be incredible..

Thanks a million Monty..
On Oct 23, 2007, Michael Kemp Said:
This is getting really more insteresting then anything else. I rec\'d another phone call from CBCL and the guy finally said he was calling on behalf of the Region of Waterloo but when I kept asking and asking him about what it was specifically he kept refusing to answer. He just kept saying on behalf of the region to talk about my account.

I\'m a business owner. I get 3 or 4 marketing calls a day and he sounded like a marketing call refusing to answer.

I know now what they\'re calling about and it\'s ridiculous. I got a red light ticket for proceeding through 0.2 seconds after it had gone from yellow to red. It was a sunny day with traffic, my visor was down a bit and I wasconcerned about two vans jockeying for turn position in the centre lane at an intersection.

I went to court and in our wonderful province I lost. I got the bench ticket that said I had to pay $150.00. I took it back to my company and paid $75.00. I waited for the statement to come that said I owed $75.00 more. I sent in the $75.00.

I\'m covered with Provincial documentation and cancelled chks but the province now wants another $50.00 from me. The provincial collections couldn\'t get it from me so sure as I\'m writing this CBCL won\'t get it from me.

They can\'t suspend my license. I just came off medical suspension where I raised so much shit with them they suspend it again for an invalid reason they really will not look very good.

Since May 11, 2007, all these automated calls, connections to people who wouldn\'t supply information, rthe last 2 calls from people who again wouldn\'t supply details, all they had to do was be upright and to the point and they would have gotten all the answers they wanted.

On Oct 5, 2007, Michael Kemp Said:
Like the below there are at times mitigating circumstances which makes me wonder have we created a system where the quest for the dollar outweighs other considerations?

My examples are less extremem but 1) Successive collection agencies contacted me 11 years after I successfully fought two tickets - and they wouldn't give up even though one was the wrong license plate number from the very beginning. 2) Somehow CBCL got hold of of an account on time last year - no collection - and apparently I owe more - even though the last statement from the original source clearly showed what I owed which I paid. Since May 11 2007 I've received a very large number of automated phone calls and on connecting to determine the reasons no one would tell me the reason for calling. I recognized them only as marketing calls until just two days ago I received a call from a real person, the person again sounded as if it was a marketing call but I had enough information to go online to determine the organization then determine what I believe was happening.

I wonder what has happened to our society when our personal space can be invaded to the extent we have to put our time and effort on supposedly dead issues?
On Sep 25, 2007, Monty Loree Said:
Hey Sonia,

That's a nasty story... It seems so insensitive when you and your daughter have gone through a trauma and then you get mechanical phone calls asking for money.

This is more of a topic for Canadian Bonded Credits discussion area.

Canadian Bonded Credits
On Sep 25, 2007, Sonia Tesch Said:
My daughter was seriously burned in a house fire in B.C. in March of 2005. She received 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 65% of her body as well as serious inhalation burns. She was in Vancouver General Hospital's IC Unit for 6 weeks followed by 4 weeks in the Burn Unit. She underwent numerous surgeries and skin-graft operations during that time. Meanwhile, B.C. Health and Ambulance Services was sending bills for the ambulance and air-lift costs to the house that had burned down. Of course, these were undeliverable. 1 1/2 years later we received a notice from CRA that her tax refunds and GST cheques would be forwarded to B.C. Health and Ambulance services to pay for the costs of transporting her from Trail to Vancouver. In the meantime, Canadian Bonded Credit Ltd. has been leaving computerized messages to have her call them. She does not live at our address and when I returned their call, they refused to discuss what they were calling about.