• Interview with Phonebusters - Advance Fee Loan Scams

    I had a long chat with RCMP's Corporal Louis Robertson - Criminal Intelligence Analytical Unit. Cpl Robertson works with Phonebusters.com to inform the public about scams and frauds..

    I recorded 25 minutes of the call for the following pod cast... it's important to listen to this if you have any questions or complaints regarding being scammed with a bad credit loan scam, advance fee loan scam etc.

    Listen Now!: Runtime: 25 minutes

    The purpose of my call was to get some information about advance fee loan scam companies such as firstcanadianfinance.com, transcanadaloans.com, canwestcredit.com, from a very credible source.

    There were many details that Cpl Robertson enlightened me with in this phone call.

    Cpl Robertson mentioned that phonebusters.com gets approximately 140,000 phone calls per year. That's 384 phone calls per day!!

    He also mentioned that there is $25,000,000 worth of scams reported every year. That's $68,494 reported every day!!

    Cpl Robertson said that the $25,000,000 ($25 million) of reported scams and frauds is a very low number. These are the actual numbers of people who have called phonebusters.com and reported that they were a victim.

    Cpl Robertson estimates that the fraud business in Canada is conservatively estimated to be around $500,000,000 per year or $1,369,863 each day.

    He indicated that scam artists are very creative and diligent people. They work hard at finding ways to deceive the public. It's hard for a person who is unaware to figure out what the scam is until it's too late. That's the job of the unscrupulous scam artist.

    Cpl Robertson mentioned that this website: http://www.fsa.gov.uk has a list of over 2000 "names of entities promoting themselves over the internet and purporting to be banks and/or offering banking-type services, however none are authorised by the FSA."

    He also mentioned that www.fakechecks.org is published by the *National Consumers League (NCL), and has alot of information, videos and more on how to spot fraudsters.


    As this is an international problem, the US Postal Service also has alot of reference material on how to spot frauds and scams.

    * National Consumers League (the US's oldest nonprofit consumer organization, as a central source of information and advice about fake check scams. NCL created the site in collaboration with the Alliance for Consumer Fraud Awareness, a coalition of consumer and business organizations, government agencies, and companies that are committed to fighting fake check scams.

    Article Created: 2007-09-26
    Article Updated: Not yet updated.

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On Dec 4, 2009, john Said:
anyone know anything about vigoalfinancialservice.com? they ask you to send a collateral payment through western union via person to person... Scam?
On Nov 25, 2009, JOHN Said:
Hey to all of you that went to newgreeninvestmentgroup there web site is down i talked to a man named william bill he told me that i was approved for a 20,000 loan he wanted me to send him insurance money 798.00 western union i told him i wasnt going to send him nothing western union.something didnt seem right so i checked his web site with the bbb and he wasnt registered with them when i posted his 1-877-323-0831 with newgreeninvestmentgroup his web site went down and its not up no more this guy has a e-mail address www.williambillwcu@aol.com if any one has talked to this guy DONT GIVE HIM ANYTHING
On Oct 1, 2009, BF Said:
i had contacted newgreeninvestmentgroup for a loan and got scammed out of 1500.00. When you go to there website and click underneath the advertisement it comes upbluestarlending group. They ask for insurance money and I had just lost my grandson and needed the money for funeral expenses. This really hurt to know you can't trust anyone!
On Jun 25, 2009, Minnie Armstrong Said:
These are advance fee scammers out of Vancover,BC
They scammed me out of $500
On Feb 11, 2008, M Ortenzi Said:
It is...
The scams have been pretty quiet on this site lately.
On Sep 26, 2007, J Kirsch Said:
That's astouding. I had no idea the magnitude of the problem. $500,000,000 per year is overwhelming.