• Free Stuff for Canadians!! Coupons Online ?!! Free contests to Win ? - In Canada

    This podcast is an interview with Theresa Bruce who is the founder of canadianfreestuff.com

    Canadian Free Stuff interview
    Listen Now! Duration: 23 Minutes

    It was fun talking to Theresa as she explained some of the free stuff that can be found on the internet in Canada. She also mentioned that over the years she's personally won thousands of dollars worth of products by contesting, not only in Canada but around the world.

    • The interview topics covered the following:

    • How to find free products and product samples online in Canada.

    • How to find coupons in Canada online

    • How to find contests online that Canadians can enter to win

    • Tips on how Canadians can win at contests online.

    I was surprised at how many companies offer coupons online. And I was even more surprised when Theresa indicated that there are at least 100 new contests per day that companies are offering to Canadians online EACH DAY!!

    I asked Theresa how she got started developing CanadianFreeStuff.com and why she got into the free stuff market place.

    She mentioned that she has had this website since 1999. She also mentioned that the reason she got into listing free items online was that at the time she started CanadianFreeStuff.com, there weren't any websites that offered free stuff.

    In 1999 there were tons of U.S. websites that offered free products and product samples. She looked but couldn't find any Canadian web sites that offered free samples or coupons that are specifically for Canadians. When she went to sign up on U.S. free stuff websites, the site wouldn't allow her to register as their forms were for U.S. residents only.

    At doing her research in 1999 Theresa started hunting around for free products and services. Ever since then, she's been offering new free products almost every day. This is a good value for Canadians.

    WHO IS VISITING CanadianFreeStuff.com?
    I was curious to know about the people that visit the CanadianFreeStuff.com web site. Theresa mentioned that they are mostly stay at home moms who are prudent with their money and want to save as much as possible on everyday household goods. She also mentioned that students log on to her website as they need to save money while attending College or University.

    Theresa said that one time, she even one a duvet cover. Over the years she's won ipod, t-shirts, and much more.

    If you're into free stuff, coupons and contests and you live in Canada, CanadianFreeStuff.com is the place to visit..

    Make sure you listen to my discussion with Theresa to get ALL the details.

    This is some more information about CanadianFreeStuff.com that Theresa asked me to mention.
    Newsletter signup (so you don't miss the best of the best) - http://visitor.constantcontact.com/email.jsp?&m=1101388622864
    Win a Body Shop Gift Prize: http://www.canadianfreestuff.com/contest/form.html
    Canadian Free Stuff Message Board: http://www.canadianfreestuff.com/forum/ ( if you write a 100 posts we will mail you a Free Magnet and Temporary Tattoos.)
    Members Only Contests: ( message board participants only ) http://www.canadianfreestuff.com/forum/f153/

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    Article Created: 2007-09-28
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On Sep 28, 2007, Monty Loree Said:
I enjoyed that interview..
It's always fun to talk about free stuff and saving money in Canada.