• Conversation with Angella - RE: Collection Agencies in Canada
    Have you had a problem with a collection agency in the past? You're one of several thousand who receives phone calls and mail each day collecting money. Please take a minute and listen to this podcast where we give you valuable insights as to how to take control of your dealings with collection agencies in Canada!

    For my first site member conversation, I am very pleased to have spoken with Angella in a 30 minute phone conversation. Angella is very knowledgable about collections and has helped many of the members on the discussion forum on this site.

    Angella - Canadian-Money-advisor.ca Member
    Listen Now! Duration: 22 Minutes

    This is an important discussion regarding collection agencies in Canada, because it is the first time that we're having a conversation about how people can deal with collection agencies right out in the open.

    Angella is describing how at first she was terrified by the collection agency, Contact Resource Services, but soon after decided to take control of the situation. I think that Angella should be highly commended for the courage and stamina that it took to get in control of her conversation with the collection agency, and also get her credit back into control!!

    If you're having troubles with collection agencies in Canada, this is a MUST LISTEN... this is the only recorded conversation of its type that I know of.. You will definitely stop feeling frightened by a collection agency call after listening to this conversation.

    Angella describes her situation where she took the collection agency Contact Resource Services to task and ask them for proof of her debts. She wanted Contact Resource Services to prove that they were able to legitimately put a collection item on her credit report.

    Let's just say that they couldn't keep up with Angella's "demands".

    Hear that story and more in this highly charged, valuable and unique conversation which I would call a first of firsts!!

    If you want to submit an idea for our podcast in Canada, let me know by email at monty loree's email address

    Article Created: 2007-09-27
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On Sep 29, 2007, Monty Loree Said:
Hey Phillip,
Thanks for the kind comments.

Yes... angella is very knowledgeable about collection agencies etc.
On Sep 29, 2007, Philip Vigna Said:
Listend to the interview with Angella this day Sept 29th at 10:30am about collection agencies. Was very important to hear and uncut lol but made it more real. Now only if you can get on primetime national tv and let the whole population know. I continue myself to ignore the 3rd collection agency Wells Fargo has sent my way, they call at work every few days, home everyday threatening, demanding, I just hit the #7 delete message. I have talked personally with Equifax & trans-union who said they will do a fraud investigation of Wells Fargo claiming I owe them money which Wells Fargo to this date can not provide me with a legal document with my signature on it that I borrowed money from them, in their name. lol Was just cleared Aug 16th 2007 personal bankruptcy and encourage others never to go bankrupt, nightmare.

Thanks Monty and thanks to Angella for speaking her experience and the valuable information she worked so hard to get, yet still struggling, amazing Equifax and others forget their bound by Cnd Law as well.

Victoria BC