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    Article Created: 2005-08-06
    Article Updated: 2009-05-15

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On Oct 26, 2011, murray Said:
I owe a collection agency 631.00 I tried to explain to them my situation, and I would be making regular payments albeit they are small, but they keep phoning me a bout every two days. I decided if it does not stop they will get 1.00 per day.
On Sep 25, 2009, Ken Ulan Said:
I have an ongoing issue regarding a questionable bill which I refused to pay and indicated in writing to all parties that got involved, that I would only settle this issue in front of a Judge. I still receive collection agency calls regularly.
They seem to think they will harass me into paying. OK!!

Now, I have purchased a small Canned Airhorn From Canadian Tire, and when my friends from TCR call to harass me I give them a Blast from the Airhorn into the Phone. I swear you can hear them squealing and sqwaking a mile away!

Try it, Works Great!!!