• I have never been more humiliated as when I got a call from a $%^$!% collection agency. It was regarding my cell phone bill. I have legitimate issues with Rogers cell phone company. They didn't do what they promised, and thus I'm not paying the bill. Now I have CBV Collection Services listed on my credit report. I tried to contact both the CBV collection agency and Rogers and could get no where. The bill is $200 for heavens sake. I can't hire a lawyer for this amount. I can't take Rogers or CBV collection agency to small claims (I looked into it). I am glad you've got this discussion area here to expose these problems. Somebody needs to know about this stuff. Anybody? Ideas??

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On Nov 13, 2012, karen cliff Said:
same deal,,these criminals sent a bill saying i owe 18,000$..hilarious,,they call me 5x per day..i am taking rogers to court..small claimes..why not you??
Rogers did the same to me..use small claims,,then they have to respond to YOU..and will have to appear in court and pay for a lawyer. trust me they will stop bugging you,,the \"mise en demeure\" should be sent to rogers and cc,CBV.. they are idiots.
On Sep 30, 2012, marcus Said:
I had a telus pay as you go phone from 2003- 2008 and now cbv collectons is claiming that i owe over 1500 dollars, the last time they called i called telus to get information about the account, and it turns out some how cbv is saying my last payment was in 2007 and telus tells me 2008, in 2007 i started using internet banking to pay my pay as you go bill and december 2007 was my last payment onling i just found it quicker to run across to the 7-11 across the street.
On Sep 25, 2012, Scammed Said:
Had a bogus 'roaming charge' bill from Telus a few years back. Got mad at them and switched providers. It went to CBV. Yes, they are persistent and sometimes rude.
I'm now getting a mortgage and my broker says it needs to come off my credit report. I've looked into it, and paying them off is the easiest way to get it dealt with (even though it isn't right).
Remember - collection agencies buy the debt from companies for LESS THAN 10 cents on the dollar. You should NEVER pay them more than 25-30% of what they say you 'owe'. Also, get a document from them saying that your debt will be cleared and removed from your credit report for the amount you agree on BEFORE you give them any money, and demand a receipt while you are on the phone or in their office. If you don't, they may (or likely will) come after you for more later.
On Aug 22, 2012, starlene Said:
You have three choices:
File complaint with Telus by mail and cease and desist collections calls and demand only correspondence by mail. Do not negotiate with Collections as they are not the original creditor and have no access to Telus accounts to apply payments or resolve disputes.
File complaint under Consumer Protection Act
Demand legal action by Telus as you are disputing the bill or charges etc., meaning the company will have to file their own lawsuit and pay their own costs
On Aug 19, 2012, Web Activist Said:
It is very important that you never negotiate, confirm, or identify yourself with CBV Collections. They are criminals with no regard for consumer law and anything you say will be used against you. Any information they have of you is in the hands of criminals and you are subjecting yourself to endless credit problems that will never go away, fraudulent debts, and Identity Theft. If you owe money, make arrangements ONLY with the original creditor. If CBV corners you, ask for proof of the debt, without filling in any blanks that they have. 95% of the time they can\'t even prove the debt they are harassing you for.
On Jun 5, 2012, anonymous Said:
just pay it and get a release letter from them ( cbv collection services ), and since you had a bad experience with Rogers, dont go back with them. Dont ruin your credit over a 200$ bill....
On May 30, 2012, jason price Said:
Had account with Koodo mobile..closed and paid in full..2 months later received bill for $231..Koodo would not give explanation for charges..Cbv started harrassing me..Said file had been sent to credit bureau..the with settlement offer which was paid they said it hadn't been sent and won't be sent..^ months later it shows up on creit report..they refuse to remove it..I have applied to file class action suit against Cbv for predatory collection practices.
On May 30, 2012, Dorothy Said:
I've been talking to CBV guy not sure his name n trying to figure out how much I owe they since I've made some payments n for to keep track, so when u called in n tried to get info abt my amount the guy wouldn't give me anything n was speaking to me very rude wit no respect at all, when I asked to be transferred to a supervisor he refused n told me I have no rights like WTH!!! Seriously they need to change their attitudes big to
E they work for the government so they need positive customer service not rude ignorant, wish there was some1 who I can talk wit n get this felt wit cause I do now appreciate how I got treated.
On Mar 29, 2012, Cole Said:
CBV ARE CRIMINALS!!!! After I paid my bill in person at a CBV office the amount was also taken out of my bank account through a garnishment order. When I contacted CBV, after 7 days of unreturned calls & many msgs left I finally reached the "only" person who could tell me anything and his response was that because I paid my bill in person at CBV at 5pm they dont process the payments immediatly so it was like my payment was never received and my account ended up being garnished. And I wont get the amount back that they double dinged me for 4-6 weeks
On Feb 15, 2012, Suzi knight Said:
As far as I have been able to figure out. Corporate and consumer affairs is who to lodge your complaint with. I am having issues with his same company. I have told them 5 times that I have received nothing by mail and for them to not call again until I have and yet they call as many as 13 times in a 2.5 hour period. I am not sure how next to proceed with them either
On Jan 3, 2012, STEVE MADDEN Said:
On Dec 10, 2011, Patricia Said:
Is it true if you have an outstanding bill which is seven years old from Rogers or any cellular company it gets deleted and don\'t have to pay it? I\'ve been getting calls letters from Rogers collection agency saying pay up . I never had the money to pay off the bill and never was my fault it got wracked up. Does anybody know what now I can do?
On Dec 2, 2011, DCS Said:
CBV has taken over a debt I had with Telus. My question is does Telus sell its debt, or does it assign an agency. The answer will determine my approach to this debt.
On Nov 24, 2011, Richard Said:
If you live in the province of Quebec file a complaint against this company if they are harrassing you.compalint to the Office de la protection du Consommateur, see the nice $26000.00 fee they had t pay for harrasing people without their consent, see following link;


They have been calling to my phone number when I have nothing to do with them, I had to tell them many ties I would complain about their harasment, they mentionned tehy would take my phone number from the file they had but they are still trying to communicate on my phone number, hapened 2 ou 3 times again today, and few times beginning of the week. I had enough of these people.
Richard B

On Nov 10, 2011, cedric Said:
CBV is not customer service so dont expect it to be and pay your debts
On Oct 18, 2011, Stan Lee Cup Said:
CBV Has phoned me up to 4 times a day for the past 6 months or so on, you guessed it, a past telus account. I cancelled my service early and the cancelation fee was about $300. I honestly forgot about it in the move, and they didn't send me a bill to my new address (which I gave them.) Anyways, a few months later the phone calls started from CBV. The amount has mysteriously gone up to $690!!! And now there are 2 credit marks from CBV on my report. I asked them about that, and they said (with what I assume was a straight face) that when a company "sells" your account from ont to another, the new company puts in a credit report too! I asked who the previous company was, and they said CBV. SO CBV sold my account to CBV!?!?! WTF IS THIS CRAP??? So now I have 2 black marks on my credit report from the same company. I asked if they could take the report off my credit report, but they said no....it comes off after 6 yrs and 1 day. Is this true?
On Sep 24, 2011, Anonymous Said:
I got my last bill from Fido on the 24th of June and I paid it "FULL" on the 25th of July. On the same day I got a letter from CBV saying I owe addtional costs and I called fido to see what is going on and they said "dont worry, you have a 0 balance" and few days ago (14th of Sep) I got another letter from CBV saying I owe $390.39!!! and that they Fido authorized to settle for $312.30. I called Fido and guess what? "they said dont worry about it". How can I not worry? what if this effect my status as an immigrant? I emailed CBV let's see what they say...I am obviously broke with no money on the phone to call these guys... This is not fair.
On Sep 14, 2011, bitebyteluscbv Said:
Got a call at work concerning an overdue Telus cancellation fee, after only two months, after being with Telus for well over 15 years!! He proceeded to attack my character, telling me I was no good, swearing, and laughing at me. I was so insulted and upset. This is my first chase by collections, and I do not deserve this kind of treatment. My family and I, and everyone else I can convince, will NEVER use Telus again.
On Jul 24, 2011, dt64 Said:
canceled my cell phones, agreed to pay the 750.00 cancellatin fee. Was paying it off, but telus in all their wisdom sent it to cvb.
On Jul 18, 2011, Anger Customer Said:
I Got a call from A CBV Collections agent name Ms. D Vavala she's very rude and she swears at me on the phone. I'm not going to pay people money that speck to me that way. I only have her personal line so I can't get a chance to speck with her manager to deal with another collections rep. This has to be the worse customer service company I have ever delt with. This is all over a $500 over draft from Royal bank.
On Jun 22, 2011, saeed Said:
Telus, Rogers they are crooks, I got disconnection notice from telus that I owe them $260.00 or my services will be disconnected, I said thanks,I am swithcing back to Rogers....few months latter I got a bill for over $1200.00 now CBV bought the debt, folks it is time to do some thing about this crooks, they pocketing billions of billions dollars of our hard earn money, we need lawyer with balls, to take a class action sue again this bustard, enough is enough, any way Canadian are allowe to have class action sue again these pigs, Telus, Rogers and their bustard 666 child CVB....cheers...Saeed
On Jun 7, 2011, SEAN Said:
I am dealing with CBV COLLECTIONS SERVICES, they are very pushy when it comes to getting money. When you want to know where it is or request for payout proof they stall you, it just seems to be that anytime someone wants money they get it one way or another but when the payer wants to know where his or her money has gone and has not been applied to the proper account why is it that we suffer. I have tried to get a confirmation of agreement payout letter and they won't give me or send me one. Can someone help me out in the right direction please.........
On May 30, 2011, Jenn Said:
Ok, I just called CBV and spoke with a representative who confirmed that I had paid off the amount back in 2008, and that the amount is not owing. When I asked her why they had not updated my credit report, she said that it is not showing as an amount 'owing', but as the amount that I settled to pay. I informed her that it was a bank officer who had read the report and had indeed said that it was an amount owing, she agreed to send me a confirmation of payment letter. I will be able to sleep again when I find it in my mailbox.
I'll be back here if I don't.
Best of luck!
On May 30, 2011, Jenn Said:
I have a very similar story to the ones I'm reading here. I had a Telus account which had unreasonably large roaming fees charged to it during the period of two invoices. I was not able to pay the exorbitant amount, and so Telus handed it over to CBV Collections Services in 2008.
I made arrangements and gradually (but quickly) paid the entire amount. I never received any contact, information or closing statements from CBV. In fact I never heard from them after making the arrangements. However, when I applied for a loan the other day, the bank officer showed me an item on my Credit Report. It showed that I now owe CBV an amount that is higher than the original amount that was given to them by Telus. I sent an online request for information to CBV on the weekend. I will be trying to call them this afternoon to find out why they are saying that I owe them any amount at all, and/or why they have not recorded my payments.
I'm extremely upset, and I don't know what to do about this. I too am looking for advise.
On May 18, 2011, Gabriella Said:
Need some advise please!

Years ago I had a Telus account. I've been working for another cell phone company as of 2006; closed the account in 2007 once the contract expired. Thought all was dandy and clear.

Recently I've been looking to rent a place - and they needed to see my credit report number. When I got the report, I noticed that there was an entry under collections for an account. It didn't even read "Telus" - I was the one to call *them*, inquiring with the intention to dispute. They said that it was a Telus Account. I called Telus to get more information - all I had was the account number, but no back up paperwork - neither the collections agency or Telus has any back up to support I owe the money. I strongly believe this to be some sort of system glitch on the part of Telus's system, as over the course of the past 4 years or so, I've received no calls or mail from either company. When I saw the entry on my credit report, I was the one who made first contact to find out WTF it was all about.

Does anyone know what my obligations are when it comes to paying something for which there's no supporting paperwork?!?! Is this something I have to take up with the Credit Bureau? The collections company insists (of course) that regardless of lacking information, I have to pay it. I'm having a lot of trouble believing what they say, for obvious reasons. They even gave me the option to pay less. I was like, "Hell no! Why would I pay for something for which there's no proof that I owe in the first place?!" The collections agent manager hung up on me when I said that. Advice anyone? What are my rights? I said I would be more than happy to pay, providing that I'm given the proof of debt in any shape or form.
On Mar 9, 2011, Laila Said:
Amy MacCutchan
Recruitment and Training Supervisor

1200 - 100 Sheppard Ave. East
Toronto, ON
M2N 6N5

Contact her and discuss your problem with her I am pretty sure you will find yourself a solution.
Good Luck :)

Telephone: 1 (416) 673-1028

On Feb 11, 2011, Payer Said:
I would like to pay debt collection, but I'm wondering who I should speak with.

Any Advise?
On Sep 27, 2010, Eileen Jones Said:
I went overseas in April asking Telus to put my cell account on hold...while I was in the middle east Telus reactivated my account and then diverted it to CBV collection..didnt even wait for me to get home...now they say $200 plus a $100 disconnect fee...they wont get a penny out of me!!. I went into the Telus shop who refused to speak with customer service on my behalf...Customer service refused to discuss the fact I had emailed them from Oz on my onward journey. Since i began with them 2yrs ago I had to go outside to get a signal in my area and my signal was always down. ...they contracted with me to provide servicing in return for a fee..I paid my end of the bargain $50 a month but they have failed in the performance part of their contract by screwing me around...phone is now in the garbage
On Jun 18, 2010, AS_Kevin Said:
"Debtors need to grow up"? Absolute garbage. This company buys accounts that Telus has a) given up on b) sold to CBV Collection Services for 10 cents on the dollar c) cannot provide ANY supporting documentation for, and d) that Telus ALSO has written off as a bad debt on their corporate tax returns (currently under investigation by the Government of Alberta).

We're dealing with these scammers - and that's ALL they are - right now. We paid for 6 months of business level service ADSL in our home, kept talking with Technical Support about slowdown issues, and at the start of the 5th month, we were told that "your wire center won't support that speed". They refused to credit us the difference between home and business service, and we sent registered letters describing the incidents in full (I keep copious notes when dealing with a monolithic, soulless, and customer-service inept companies).

CBV will not - because the CANNOT - give details on the "debt" we owe, they have no supporting documentation, and use the public's general ignorance on what is allowed and what is not, to try and pressure people into paying them, claiming they will clear up your credit record when the payment is made...the internet is rife with the bad business practices they follow, and an investigation is underway by the Alberta Government as we speak; with luck, CBV will not be able to operate on Albertans, period...and I hope people in other provinces make complaints as well, if they've not been already.

Before you assume someone skipped out on a debt, educate yourself on Consumer Rights. Signing a contract does NOT mean you must pay regardless of whether or not they delivered the service you signed a contract for; there are steps you can take to protect yourself, and there are ways to cancel a contract for non-performance.

We pay early, at least triple any minimum payments when we have to carry a balance over a second month, and frankly I operate under the belief that everyone is operating in good faith. Mistakes do happen, sometimes it takes time to correct a technical issue, and so on, so I will work with them until we either have a fix, or know that we cannot fix it. If I've paid for Business level service and I'm receiving HALF the performance I'm paying for, I expect a credit...not a refund, a credit...if I'm to continue using a company's services.

On Jun 9, 2010, jane doe Said:
fyi if you have a legit dispute with a provider said over the phone... even with cbv... all calls are recorded... and cbv with fight the dispute for you if you send it to them in writing... so... just dont shoot the 3rd pty messenger

and not to mention, if you can get a loan to pay off a debt sooner than later, dont you think its more beneficial to you to pay it off asap rather then let it sit on your credit bureau??? think about that... they arent just helping themselves but you too.
On Jun 9, 2010, jane doe Said:
fyi if you have a legit dispute with a provider said over the phone... even with cbv... all calls are recorded... and cbv with fight the dispute for you if you send it to them in writing... so... just dont shoot the 3rd pty messenger
On May 20, 2010, debtors need to grow up Said:
has any one ever thought that you used a service from a client, via loan from bank phone bill or any other purchase on credit and than when u fail to make the monhtly paynment. why is it such a sill y idea to pay the money u owe. if ur stupid enough to take something for nothing than ur own fault if u cant deal with the consquences of taking a free ride
On Feb 18, 2010, Monty Loree Said:
alisha.. collection agencies can only suggest that you borrow money to pay them.. they can't force you to do that... they're just trying to think of ways for you to pay them... cbv collections are no different. they try to do what's best for their company, and not necessarily the client.
On Oct 8, 2009, alisha Said:
cbv people are thieves.one guy requested us to borrow some money from another bank to pay credit from cibc. thats crazy. These people are ignorant.
On Sep 29, 2009, lol silly debtors Said:
pay ur bills
On Sep 14, 2009, GG Said:
Some people at CBV in Toronto are very rude.
On Jul 29, 2009, name Said:
CBV Collectors starting wage is $12/hr. No need to feel these poor beggars.
On Jul 3, 2009, Jim Said:
LOL aren't credit companies great. Some things you should know about them.

Never admit to a debt of make a partial payment as that is enough for the companies and courts to prove ownership and agreement

1. Depending on how old the debt is it is bought at a lesser dollar amount ie 70 cents on the dollar.
2. Any account rep can agree to a 60 payment plan if the account is done in full.
3. Any account rep can wave the companies interest for an account paid in full as there are still making money because of #1
4. If the debt is real old and you have the money to pay in full and you tell them you have a lesser amount they will accept it because they have bought it for less than stated and the chances of you paying aren\'t less and less as you get to the 7 year credit refresh point.
5. They are not allowed to pull that fax trick or the 11 year old daughter one either call the better business bureau and the credit companies and report them or use it to get your debt down my using there tactics against them.
Cell Phones
With no receipts or paper work your best bet is to have them send you a recording of you agreeing to the contract if they can\'t do that and they have no signature then you can make a credit dispute with TransUnion or Equifax

Same thing goes for double hits on your credit for the same account that is NOT allowed.

Hope that helps

PS CBV has been around for 80years and is growing still. Telus and the rest are billion dollar companies Unless everyone who has been screwed in this way makes a class action against them we\'re all boned

On Jun 11, 2009, Fed up Said:
To get them to stop harassing you, fax them a letter with your name and address, and ask them to contact you by mail only. And something this effect:

"Should any future calls be made to the above noted number, in contravention of this request to be contacted by mail only, I will fax this letter (with the proof of fax) to the Provincial Government’s Consumer Services and file an official complaint. "

I had a similar situation with Rogers where I paid for previous monthly statements and never got them. I called them several times and always got a promise they'd send them to me. BULL%%$T! They never did. I said when you send me those statement copies (so I can recoup the cellphone expenses from my employer), then I'll pay the outstanding amount. Never happened and I will not pay until Rogers gives me what I paid for.!!
On May 21, 2009, Mike Said:
Wow, same here, I have cancelled an Telus account, payed the cancellation. Since I got CBV on my back for 200$ (that I paid not asking question) and now I have 2 negative inscpriptions at equifax (check your report).
On Apr 18, 2009, power Said:
hi Dana,

next time wen u talk to a rep from CBV ,ask them to transfer ur call to a supervisor of the dept..by law they have to...if u ask for...and then request for the number to b removed....usually its the automated dialer which calls people and most of the collector ,dont know how to remove number permanently...also make sure ur information is listed properly in yellow pages....
On Apr 16, 2009, Dana Said:
My issue with CBV is that they have my telephone number for someone else's account with Telus. It's not even my account and they keep calling me! I told them they have the wrong number and yet everytime they call and I tell them that they keep going into detail with me about this account. I've finally decided to just plain and simple ignore their calls. I send them straight to voice mail. Maybe they will get a clue eventually!
On Apr 7, 2009, Angelo Said:
This has got to stop ! This is not a totalatarian state, CBV will go down unless they start to deal fairly with their clients.
I guess telus is really at failed here. There business with also cease once people realize just what knd of out fit they are.
Just two companies whos people skills really lack. Yup that you Darlene, really sucks!
On Mar 13, 2009, candace moyer Said:
just an update. When speaking to only one person from CBV they gave me no information on my account. I then recieved another call from CBV different then the first person. She gave me the information on my account and i was able to track my payment and everything is clear. I guess its all in who you talk to. I just need my credit dated back to August 2007. well see if that happens!!!
On Mar 13, 2009, another victim Said:
Wow, I can't believe this has happened to so many other people. Telus sent my account to CBV after they admitted they made a mistake to me, unfortunately it was on the phone & not in writing. Now they claim I owe $800, and already admitted it was only $200. There seems to be nothing I can do but pay now and my credit is screwed. I hate TELUS
On Mar 12, 2009, dave g Said:
had a complaint about $1200 for one months bill with telus, kept ringing them asking to correct there mistake before i payed them, 3 months later they sent it to cbv collections for $3600 ,and now cbv say there going to change 24 percent intrest ,thieving b*stards
On Feb 12, 2009, jake thiessen Said:
in 2002 i had a cel phone from rogers and it did not work so i cent it back, they send me a bill and would not pay for the phone even thou there was a recall on that phone,,a year later we were buying our first house than i had no chose but to pay, that was 2003,
2006 we sold the other house and and now buying anther house than the rogers bill is on there again, with many trubles i got it removed, than now 2009 i apply for a loan and it there again, I feel like sueing someone right now, sorry about my spelling thank for reading,
On Jan 19, 2009, Candace Moyer Said:
heres my issue...
in July 2007 CBV sent my account back to telus because i never made a payment and then telus sent the sccount to a law firm who then threatened to sue. We settled the account and i never heard anything ater that. Now Jan 2009 CBV is saying they never recieved a payment. The ammount i apparently owe is less than the original ammount owing. When calling telus and CBV both places say they have no information on my account. I know i paid but am having a hard time proving so, since i did not hang on to my receipts and because i had to pay a bank other than my own i have no records. Any help on how to prove my self would be greatly appreciated. Am i not ntitled to all information both ompanies have on this account? If someone did not do there job and clear the account on the end it comes back on you, even thought you did your part and paid.
On Nov 5, 2008, Dannielle Said:
I have the same issue with telus and CBV. Telus sent an account to CBV after I had the phone stolen and there was over $300 in charges made on the phone. The account with CBV says I owe Telus almost $1200
On Oct 19, 2008, sarah Said:
h i i have the same issue with Telus and CBV as well i want to take CBV to small claims i need help pls email me
On Feb 26, 2008, Jeremy Said:
I am now haveing the same exact issue with CBV and telus who kept charging me for a service that didnt even work nor did they provide a good solution to solve it.
On Feb 16, 2008, Star_1964 Said:
what's your issue with rogers? the 200.00 sounds to me like it's pertaining to a cancellation fee that would be in your contract. if you terminated the contract before you were supposed to, you'd be responsible to pay that cancellation fee of 200.00.

I've done collections for rogers for a year and i know the issues people have with them. the collection agency can probably do a settlement for 50%. that's how low we could go when i collected 3rd party for rogers. i had so many people calling me having to pay their rogers bill that they had issues with because it would stop them from refinancing their home or get a loan or mortgage. i would settle for them.

you'll have to pay it either way.
On Jan 12, 2008, John Doe Said:
I have paid my bill and I am experiencing the same issue with CBV and Rodgers!!! But thanks for your ignorent comment!!
On Jun 6, 2007, jade smith Said:
pay your bill, you signed the contract, stop complaining